Thursday, January 26, 2012

I can almost hear ya'll - "Skip to the end..."

Current Mood : Brighter.

We now return to your previous prattle about Monster High dolls, already in progress...

Guess what finally shipped today ? Yes ! shipped my "Bee Girl" Create A Monster mini-kit. Today. Four business days after we ordered it. I have no idea what the delay was - Beloved Hubby's part of the same order arrived yesterday, a day before mine was even shipped ! - since it never went out of stock, but I'm actually happy that it's finally on the way without being cancelled !

And that, along with another passage from The Ice Queen, has me thinking again. The Powers That Be tried to stop it by cutting our electricity for four hours today, but I am not to be denied ! Who knew thinking about yourself could be so much fun ! Anyway...who hasn't read the 'Things you buy cheaply are the things you give little regard to after the buy' truism ? Well, these days, some things bought cheap remain the most cherished - value is in the eye of the beholder, after all. If I didn't know the value and appearance of a #1 Barbie - and it wasn't mentioned at least once a chapter in Barbie : A Rare Beauty, review coming tomorrow - I wouldn't give five bucks for one. I've never liked how haughty and even cruel that doll looks. I'd rather have a troupe of 1976's Ballerina Barbies, a small forest of Steffie-faced any-dolls, or several SuperStar Barbies, complete with 'tacky' disco-wear. My values aren't everybody's, which is good. My 'plebian' tastes allow me to think I'm not haughty or cruel, which is important to me. I doubt 99% of people who adore #1s are either, but I seem to have snagged a truly stubborn 'you are what you play with' notion. Trying to delete it off the semi-functional hard drive I use as a brain...

But, if I apply that truism to the MH dolls, part of their value is their stories. Of shopping-avoidance master Beloved Hubby braving two TRUs in June heat to get me Frankie, Lagoona, and Draculaura the week they were first wide-released - then repeating it with me, having an asthma attack in rainy winter, driving two counties over for possibly the only Ghoulia in the entire state. Even the annoying phone calls, hours spent on-line searching, and minor jealousies are a part of every doll I own, and even some I don't. While it's frustrating, and most days I hate it, and I really hate Mattel for thinking that the states between California and the Eastern Seaboard are just rumors, if I love the dolls, I have to love even that. It's a part of them, and a part of me now. As always, it's up to me if I continue with it or not.

Some days, it's just much, much harder than others. Another stray thought wandered in before dying of lonliness...When things come easily to hand, it's even easier to believe you're entitled to everything. Yikes. While very few things have come to me easily of late, I never want to dwell in entitlement. I see it in six year old kids and sixty year old adults, and I wanna tie 'em together and watch them obnoxious each other to puddles. Being broke and being limited are often the best things when it comes to spurring imagination. And if your dolls don't spark you, well...I'm not sure what you're doing, besides spending money ! 

Yeah, all this is trite, and what's worse, I've 'learned' it all before. But I think I really needed this refresher course. I know I feel better - just rather embarrassed I dragged you into it ! 


  1. D-Belle! Did you get my lj note? I found a cupid for you if you're interested!

  2. Hooray for your Bee-girl coming, better late than never!
    BTW are you interested in another locker? I have one that I'm not really interested in, if you want it, I'll send it to you! =D