Sunday, January 29, 2012

I'm getting better at simple tube dresses !

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While it isn't purple, it was fun to sew this today ! This is another part of that same picked-apart Dollar Tree kids' hat I bought a year or three ago - Frankie was wearing a blue dress from another part last week. I'm hoping there's enough to make a couple matching shrugs in a few days, and maybe one more half-striped, half-blue dress.

Today's model, Gloom Beach Cleo, is *the* doll I'm most on the fence about. Y'see, I don't need four Cleos. There's no way I'm giving up Basic, and I love Dawn of the Dance's short hair. That should pretty much satisfy my need for Cleos, right there. Fearleader really doesn't have anything special over Basic or Dawn, but I really like how mature GB Cleo looks. Every time I look at her, I feel a mild regret at giving her up. Only reason I'm considering it is because I just hate that green lipstick on her. It's fine for Frankie and Lagoona, but it looks too faddish for my de-tinseled GB. I've flip-flopped on finding her a new home a dozen times.

I may have finally made up my mind. Y'see, I'm getting a Cupid soon - Thanks again, Para ! - and you know I'm gonna repaint her lips. I've seen several repaints that really enhanced the doll's look, and is really what tipped me into wanting one of my own. And, since I already have the brushes and sealers (it's good to have an arty Beloved Hubby !), I may as well pick out a good color for Cleo when I get Cupid's. Gonna wait 'til Cleo's here first, though.

Ever watch an eBay auction just to see how it turns out ? I was curious the other day, when I saw some long-time favorite Barbie furniture - that mid-80s white plastic-as-wicker / rattan convertible set, with the chair that becomes a chaise and the sofa that slides out to a bed. Someone had painted it dark grey ('graphite', perhaps ?) and sewed coordinating cushions for it, posting it as remade to match the Monster High aesthetic. I wondered if it'd sell for more or for less than a similar used but unpainted Barbie set. So I found such a set in another auction and bookmarked them both.

Until today, they were running neck-and-neck, even the shipping fees were the same. But the Barbie white set closed at $6.50, while the MH set, still with two days to go, is over ten bucks. I wonder if the higher price reflects the paint job, the new cushions, or the MH tag the seller gave it.

Either way, I hope their buyers are happy - I have the same sofa and two of the chairs in a storage box, just waiting for me to have space to play with them again. It's a great set. Although I am considering painting mine...

Had to shuffle some MH dolls around on the shelf today. That 'Bee Girl' dress on Clawdeen is so tight, she can't sit, and I can't use the Mad 'crotch swaddle' stand under it. Hadda use a black MH waist-grabber stand for her. That meant I had to make space, so I got all the Fearleaders together, moved 'brain outfit' Ghoulia to the box I have two other dolls seated on, and shuffle the guys. Hrf. Can see clear up Broadway with Ghoulia at that angle, so I repositioned her to standing, and a Gloom Beach Frankie gets to sit down for a while. It was calming and fun to just handle them for a few, and there's more to see when the view's a bit different.

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