Monday, January 23, 2012

Am I supposed to be learning, or does the Universe just hate me...?

Current Mood : Resigned

Wanna laugh ? The tape recorder and Bee set Beloved ordered from yesterday ? Guess what didn't ship today. Oh, it still shows in-stock available, but... (sigh)

I also found that a nearby Mal-Wart showed Cupid in stock ! I could pick her up tonight if I ordered her today - and I did. Yaaay! No. Even though it still shows the dolls there, no one in the entire store can find them. It's possible they're on the truck, or in storage since they have Toys all torn up for resets. No way anyone could tell. So they cancelled my order, and said, 'Maybe tomorrow'. Maybe the Universe is trying to tell me something.

I feel a bit better after yesterday's blow-out, but after today... my obsessive nature is getting beyond ridiculous, and I'm the only one who can change that. Starting now. So I'm gonna. I asked Mal-Wart's website to e-mail me when they get Cupid dolls back in stock, and I'm done. If I find one in-store or snag one from an e-mail reminder, great. If not, I can contemplate if the doll's worth $40. plus shipping or not, and move on. I can't help but think this is a better course of action.

And I completely forgot to tell ya'll that, before my little life imploded yesterday, I got to go on a run-along with Beloved Hubby to his job site, to put up some samples and just get out for a while. Turned out, the site wasn't far from a Hancock Fabrics ! A very nice one, in fact. But I stuck to my plan of not buying anything ('cause I figured I'd be ordering the Bee set today) and only exchanged that cone of 'Graphite' for one of 'Black'. Whew ! No more worrying if that particular shade of dark grey would work or not. And I have 3000 yards of it to last a good, long time !

I also did the one thing I tell everyone else not to do - I sewed upset. Luckily it was just a simple fitted tube, but it was made from a kids' dollar store hat I was tired of moving around. Turned out OK, but it's nothing special.

Maybe if I get some sleep tomorrow will go better. Although, at the rate I'm going, Amazon is just waiting 'til then to cancel my part of Beloved's order. I'd hate for the universe to attempt to teach me with anything less than a total, crushing defeat.

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  1. I just wanted to say that this reminds me an awful lot like my hunt for that blasted Barbie Basics shoe pack. It would show up as in stock in stores online, but whenever I went to the stores they would never have it. Turns out the computer code was the same for all the accessory packs no matter the contents. Maybe this is the same sort of deal. All of the dolls from the Sweet 1600 line share the same code so when one of them is in stock it shows them all as in stock.
    Doesn't make it fair, but it might explain it. So it's not the universe against you just a poor sorting system, which may or may not be against you.