Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How joyous it is, when you regain what you thought lost.

Current Mood : Beaming. With earrings !

I've had a really nice day today, and I'm a little proud of m'self. That alone is a rare day ! Did my housework early, and was a bit restless. Decided to look up 'ear piercing' online. When I was fourteen, I got my ears pierced (mostly because my father accidentally got me the wrong kind of earrings as stocking-stuffers - my mother was dead-set against it), and I loved that I could wear nearly anything, from titanium and gold works from nice jewelers to the cheapest nickel-alloys sold at the flea markets - I wore 'em all. Lots and lots of stars, go figure.

But when Dearest Son, in his first month of life, gave a good solid *yank* to some dangling galaxies, I reluctantly took them off and switched to tiny little orbs. Those weren't safe from his grasp, either. I went from changing my earrings with my clothes to quickly passing ten, then twelve years without wearing any at all.

When we moved my jewelry armoire into the bedroom, I decided that Dearest was old enough - I was wearing earrings again. Defiantly, I slipped in a lovely understated pair of black and gold discs...or, at least, I tried to. One went in smooth as a duck into a pond, the other crashed against the unexpected new barrier and slid like a swan on a frozen river that doesn't look like ice. Well, shoot. Guess I should have expected that one or both would seal up after a decade-plus. I figured I'd just have it re-pierced. No problem, right ?

Not exactly. The only places I could find were the ones that'd be more than happy to create a unique tattoo to enhance any new matching navel-and-brow gems. So much for $10. and a new pair of earrings. I resigned m'self to having a drawer fulla trinkets I couldn't wear anymore, when I decided to try one more time. Left went in smooth as a duck...and so did the right ! For some reason, I couldn't get them in back in October or November, but they were just fine today. Whoopee ! I have pierced ears again !

I felt a little pretty as we headed towards the library. Our county library system is the *best* ! You can not only peruse the entire card catalog online, county-wide, but you can request for books to be held for you, at the library of your choice. Late last week, I put pretty much all the remaining Tales of the Five Hundred Kingdoms books by Mercedes Lackey on my hold request list, and I got a note yesterday evening - they'd all been rounded up, herded to the local outlet, and were waiting for me for the next week. I thought it'd take weeks, but far be it from me to keep books waiting ! I was glad to grab my stack of six (including two more Valdemar- based stories) and return Barbie : A Rare Beauty that I just couldn't make a special trip to relinquish. Dearest picked out a dog story, a cat story, two DVDs, and a pirate book. And I snagged what Beloved Hubby requested. Thank Everything I brought a large shopping bag !

From there, we drove past a new thrift - and kept on going. It's just infant and toddler clothes, and about 50 nursing pumps, from what I saw in the window. Salvation Army was nearby, so we stopped there, instead. Dearest snagged a nice Plano tackle box that's now a Lego Pirates organizer, but I put back the kids' skirt I was thinking of snagging for the fabric. Um, I have tons of material already. I've got maybe three more projects outta that kids' hat before it's used up, and it took me years to get to it. Naah, when I really got down to it, I'd rather have a can of ravioli.

So that's what I got, from Family Dollar. They had the Barbie Glam Vacation House on 40% off, but even $30. was a bit much for it. If the cardboard walls slotted into plastic frames allowed for scene changes, I'd have given it some thought. They also had various Bakugan on markdown, but a basset hound-styled 'pillow pet' grabbed him, and luckily, it was on sale, too. And I had a good lunch, proud of me for not tugging more often too-thick knit fabric into the Arena to await reworking.

Besides, if I'm good, next time I do laundry, I'm gonna stop and visit that quilting and fabric store downtown. It's not a chain, just a mom-n-pop shop, so there's no telling what's there !

I'd barely finished my late lunch when I had a package from Amazon.com. My Bee Girl set was finally here ! But there was something funny about the box...huh ? Instead of featuring my first and last name - like what's on the credit card we used to pay for it, or how I'm signed in at Amazon - the box was addressed to 'DORRIEBELLE". No last name, just that, in all caps. I'm surprised it hadn't been opened and inspected ! Ah, well. Beloved had fun stomping the air cushions enclosed with it, and I had fun playing with it.

Full review tomorrow, I promise. Right now, I've already written a chapter, I haven't told you how the shrug worked (not) and how today's hat-dress did (poorly, hadda remake it, and it still doesn't look very good), and I'm sleepy. Tomorrow won't be that busy, and I can catch up, and take pictures. Pinkie-pie promise !

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