Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I'm all set for Valentine's !

Current Mood : So much better...

Current Image Notes : This is the mailbox I got today. Love it !

Maybe I just needed a good night's sleep, or some new books. I feel much better now ! And 'feh' on what the Universe may or may not be tryin' to teach me. I already know I'm a greedy, rapacious little jerk - I try to do better and I stopped snarling at little kids last year, but you always return to your base instincts. So there.

And today was much better. Amazon.com has still not shipped the Bee set, but I'm tryin' to show patience and faith, so I'm gonna save my ire until someone earns it. Two lovely ladies at Mal-Wart (the one I ordered from, in another city) tried their darndest to try to find those Cupid dolls that still show as in-stock in their store on line, but it was simply no-go. So I told their manager how wonderful they were, and let it go. It'll be there one day, or it won't. Either way, stewing about it squanders the time I get to spend on better pursuits and more fun, and let's face it, my time on Earth may already be more limited than I wanna admit at this stage.

Today, I got to spend it at the Library and at - you're gonna laugh - another Mal-Wart. Beloved Hubby had the day off, and we had the funds to pick up a late birthday gift for Dearest Son. He was all-over excited about it, and he bounced around in anticipatory joy, which made us both happy to see. It also helped that the Monster High Valentines were in stock - both the lenticular ones and the 'mailbox' set. Snag !

I also got to peek at the slightly-shifted MH toy section. Which is reset with 'Sweet 1600' everywhere, but near-totally empty shelves. They had no dolls. Not one. They had three of Cleo's vanity, and a couple of Clawdeen's dress-up sets. Places for dolls - including Cupid - were clearly marked, but aside from clean shelves and air, nothing was there. The DracuLaura 'Newspaper' Club and the Clawdeen 'Fashion Entrepreneurs' Club outfits hung from pegs...and I didn't have Clawdeen's...

So I had a bagload of MH to play with today. I addressed one of the lenticular Valentines cards to Dearest and sneaked it in his birthday present bag. He found it about five minutes later, and happily played with it for about three minutes. Beloved had fun playing with the whole set for just as long, and expressed mild disappointment that Abbey wasn't represented, and Ghoulia had only one. Well, maybe next year. I snuck one in to DMIL's habitual chair, but I'm not sure if she found it yet, or what she thought of it.

I snagged a stack of books at the Library. Since it's evidently literarily vogue to rework fairy tales, I went for three written by favorite author Mercedes Lackey. Turns out, she has two series of fairy tale reworks - Tales of the Five Hundred Kingdoms and Fairy Tale Series. I scored two from the first, one from the second.  I'm about a quarter of the way through The Sleeping Beauty, which has been a truly fun read. I've loved her Heralds of Valdemar books, and this is the best part of them combined with familiar-but-different fairy tales, and you know what a total sucker I am for those ! 

I also got Barbie : A Rare Beauty, because it's new, and it'll be fun to leaf through, like that Making of Empire Strikes Back art book I scored a couple weeks ago. I'll definitely get some new sewing ideas ! And I got a pair of sewing books, one on making purses, another on remaking clothes into household items. Dearest picked out a couple for-kids pirate themed stories, including an illustrated Treasure Island, and Beloved got his usual political / psychological studies fix on. Nothing like carrying away a stack of new reading material to put a lift on the day !

Plus, it's raining. I've had a minor headache for days, and it's gone now. I'm starting to think my empty head is a barometer !

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