Saturday, January 28, 2012

Now I wanna sew something in purple...

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Must've been 'Clawdeen Day' today !

Finally cracked open the Clawdeen 'Fashion Entrepreneur's Club' outfit this morning. I confess, a good chunk of the appeal of this was the shoes. I put them on Ghoulia, to go with the 'Galactic' dress, just as I intended as soon as I noticed them on the peg at Mal-Wart. Beloved Hubby commented that they certainly looked futuristic. I said they reminded me of something Barbarella might wear, and he agreed.

And if my memory can be trusted, Mattel's only used three of the MH shoe molds more than once. Prototype photos show Clawdeen sporting a pair of the same 'Barbarella' (giggle) shoes in yellow for the upcoming two-pack Target exclusive with Howleen. Ghoulia's '#1 Fan' sneakers from the TRU-exclusive Fearleader set got repainted for her 'Comic Club' clothes, and the white snowboots under basic Abbey's fur legwarmers also got a recolor for her 'Snowboarding Club' outfit.

It was a bit difficult to get Clawdeen's boots on Ghoulia. Either the doll's big toe or little toe gets caught between the straps. I held them in my hands a bit, to warm them, then sort of pushed down at the middle while sliding them on Ghoulia's feet. That helped. Other notes - the 'claw' mark on the purple briefcase isn't repeated on the other side (yaay !), the 'Trapper Keeper'-like file folder is paper, and only shows pockets drawn on the inside, and it fits neatly inside the briefcase. My particular outfit was really hard to remove from the paper doll, as the tiny white plastic t-thingies were so short, I had to use embroidery scissors to cut them. One left a hole in the sleeve. I hate those t-thingies.

I also got an eBay win in the mail - when I was still deciding if I wanted just the 'Bee Girl' dress or nearly the whole set, I won an auction for the dress only. I forgot I bid, truthfully, and was surprised I got it with the pocket-change bid I made. I liked the vivid purple, and it was a near-perfect match for Gloom Beach Clawdeen's hair. Plus, she was already wearing those shoes, and it'd been a ridiculously long time since she scored anything new to wear. So she got it.

I'm a little disappointed with the dress, honestly. It's made from the cheapest sateen I've ever seen - it's almost like cardstock stiff - and so tight, I wondered if the Create A Monster bodies were smaller than yer standard Monster High ones. It was a real squeeze to get it over Clawdeen's hips, and the snug Mad Doll Stand 'saddle' pushed a visible poke in the skirt. That's tight ! Yet, the sewing is very good, only one loose thread (I got used to far more in Barbie clothes), and the fabric print actually goes all the way around the doll !  It's sad that I'm so excited by that, but there it is. I made sure to take today's photo so you could see it, too. I think it looks great on her.

With all that - and a buncha other housework - I didn't quite make it to the Arena to sew today. Uncle-in-law got hit in a car accident this evening, which totaled his car. Either the air-bag deployment, or possibly the crash itself, possibly both, hurt him somewhat. Not even his fault, some jerkazoid plowed into him, running a red light while Uncle was waiting to make a legal left turn, with the light on Uncle's side still green. Beloved Hubby just got home from work and had to take him from the accident site to the hospital. Wish there was something I could do.

Wish him a swift recovery, if you can. I know we'd all appreciate it !


  1. Oh my first off, I'm sending healing thought in your direction for the UiL. Wishing him a speedy recovery for sure!
    Clawdeen looks fantastic in purple! My Sweet 1600 version arrived yesterday. I'll be sewing in purple here shortly too! =D

  2. adding healing thoughts for UIL. Clawdeen looks super cute in that bee dress!