Thursday, July 3, 2014

Aurora's Babysitters' Club outfit !

If it weren't for stretch knit, this would be a waste
of a dollar.
It’s funny. I have a h-u-g-e birthday present on the way, and spent half of yesterday in various stores, so I’m not shopping for a while. Being online bores me, so I’m not often on like I used to be. I’m not hunting MH dolls anymore. If I weren’t still weak and often tired, I’d have hours to sew and clean with ! Well, sew at least. Dorrie hate cleaning.

Dorrie does need a small bedside trash can, since all my medical equipment generates trash. I’d thought to wait ‘til my next trip to Dollar Tree, but I wondered if I could *make* a little wastebasket. Darn shame FIL switched coffees, those Folgers red plastic cans would have been about right. Mostly, I was looking for something to hold Mal-Wart type sacks. And it turns out, I had that. Two plastic canvas sheets, ‘sewn’ together with woven strips from a thrift store craft grab-bag, can easily make a simple cylinder (or an inadvertent heart !) to hold a recycled sack. Ten minutes later, I had my new ‘trash can’. Or maybe ‘heart-shaped trash sack form’ would be more accurate. Either way, I had what I needed, and it was free, so I’m happy !

This afternoon,  M & FIL needed to go grocery shopping, and Dearest Son decided to tag along. So I had nearly two hours to m’self ! Wow. I started out like usual – had a snack, watched some YouTube, read a little – but then I snapped to and decided to go sew. Time was wasting ! And I finally finished the skirt part of a dress I was trying out before I landed in the hospital, then attached it to the bodice. Due to some slight alterations, this dress requires an exotic (for me) back closure, or it’d already be done. Only took a month ! J

I was about to start on that when Beloved Hubby came home. I made him a birthday cake snack while we chatted about the news and events of the day, just barely got him down for a nap when my phone chimed – my shoppers were ready for pick-up. I know when my time to craft is up ! But I was happy to have come so close to finishing that dress… who knows, maybe I’ll complete it tonight !

For today, though, here's Aurora wearing the blouse, skirt, and necklace I snagged from the Babysitter's Club doll I got at the Flea Market. Seems years ago. It's a tight fit, but it works ! I think the pink tights will fit, too - those were too dusty to wear, but they handled the wash very well and are now in the Accessories bag. 

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  1. I can't wait to see what you got!

    Awww! And Aurora is just precious in that dress!