Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Whoo-hoo ! I'm home !!

Let's catch up a bit...

Well, guess where I’ve been – again ! Yup, few nights ago, my breathing treatments weren’t working, and my chest kept getting tighter, and the gunk I could occasionally cough up stopped coming out and instead settled in. When my o2 levels dropped under 85, we hit the button, and my butt was back on its way to the VA. I swear, I must have ‘RETURN TO SENDER’ on my hip…

Long story short, got admitted, got shuffled around, and got treated. Half the ward was coughing up gunk, you could hear us night and day. At least this time, I had one good room-mate, and then none, so I was pretty relaxed and focused more on my care instead of when I was coming home. I’m on steroids now, something I haven’t been on before for asthma- or at least, not on for a long time. It took me days, but I got most of the gunk out and my breathing is better now than it was the first time I got admitted in June.

Got sent home today, with new meds but not much else – there’s not much I can do as an out-patient for the defibrillator installation except make appointments and go from there. More exercise, more deep breathing, better food and activity choices, same as anybody else, nothing special. At least now, I feel like I can move !

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