Saturday, July 19, 2014

My snuggly birthday present !

I really enjoyed doing those put-off-forever little things this week, so I kept going with it. Finally got all those buttons from that grab bag I bought sorted out, and stored the long-ago washed fabric that’s been draped over various chairs for months. Moved around my rolling Arena carts and got them reorganized, too. Even managed to squeeze the last pattern purchases into the vintage pattern box I have for them, but it’s super-tight – any future purchases will have to be digital, for sure. I also discovered I had two copies of Simplicity 5276, pajamas and robes for American Girl-size dolls. To keep that from happening again, I updated my computer files to show everything I have, even if it’s not scanned yet. That was also fun.

Then I turned my attention to the box in the hallway. It’s been sitting there since I got discharged the first time, Beloved Hubby shoved it there while he cleaned. And my air tube has snagged on it ever since. So today, I cleaned it out, found space for the various stationery, CD Rom backups, manuals, and software. Finally – that box has orbited the living room since February. Now I can more around a lot easier, without the cannula snagging on it every time !

I’ve said it before so I’ll say it again – when you’re on a breathing tube, you’re modeling  the world’s most demanding train. Sure, it looks elegant and regal on Elsa, but hers doesn’t yank rather painfully up her nose at seemingly random moments, or snag on every little thing it can find on her ice crystal floors. Also, while we mean to or not, we all step on it. Even the cats.

I’m holding off one of the biggest jobs for tomorrow. Cats have knocked over nearly all my Monster High dolls from their seats on the bleacher shelf. Gonna clear it off completely, give it a good wipe down, then reseat everyone. I’m sort of dreading it, sort of looking forward to it.

I couldn’t find a good photo of my birthday present. Even the ‘buy this’ image isn’t the best, and I'm just too lazy to make my bed for photos. But I love my huge microfiber MH bedspread ! It’s so soft and cuddly, and will be fantastic when the nights get cold and stay that way for more than a week. Beloved Hubby and Dearest Son ordered it and it came just in time, so when it did get a bit brisk this week, it was ready for me to curl up under. I love it. It’s even reversible, so if I like, I can display skullettes and hearts instead of the ghouls. Even Beloved has liked having it over him earlier this week. What a great present ! 

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