Thursday, July 10, 2014

I'm gonna be a cyborg soon !

Beloved Hubby left last night with a long list of stuff to bring back Friday – I gave him tonight off, he was just too tired after last night to come visit today.

They moved my room, and I have an awesome roommate. But she’s kind of vain, or maybe I just get that from the three bags of clothes and two of cosmetics she brought for a two-day surgery. She’s leaving tomorrow, too, but I don’t know how, since she keeps rating her pain at 8 or higher on the scale. (sigh) Hope I don’t get a crazy new roomie like the one from my last stay !

And I’m now slotted for a defibrillator. Already been approved, and they’ve explained some of what we’ll have to do to be ready for the installation. I’m scared fluidless about the surgery, but I really want the healthier, far less fragile life afterward, so I’m just gonna put my head down and make it happen. Long as they tell me what I can do to make it work, my Docs can consider it done.

Coughed up a ton of gunk today, hopefully there’s not much left in my lungs. Still not very strong, but they’re finally encouraging me to walk a little – even though there’s a ‘Fall Risk’ sticker on my hospital bracelet. Guess those steroids do leave me as off balance as I thought they did. 

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