Monday, July 21, 2014

DorrieBelle, scofflaw at large.

There’s such a thing as making a good-faith effort, and I did. Found all the paperwork, got up early for breakfast and a shower, even went to the bank to get cash funds… but came home with the same expired driver’s license. Computers are down statewide. Even if they had been as bushy-tailed and eager as I, I’d still have no new license. It reads ’$21.50’ for a Class D renewal on the confusing DPS website. Turns out, that’s a fee that is only tangentially attached to operating a car in this state. It’s mostly used to make tag agency workers laugh. No, the real fee is $33.50 ! Whoa.

So I came home, put all those papers back, and picked up my Dearest Son and went to the thrift ! Hmpft. They can call me when their computers are back up, and I’ll call them when I have more money. Sheesh.

But then it sort of happened again at the store, so I just sort of shrugged. I was looking for two appliances that, while are pretty cheap brand new, might be available second-hand for even less – a coffee maker and a hot air popcorn popper. Darn VA’s got me addicted to coffee again, and I’ve given my last three pots to the IL’s. No popcorn makers, but I found a $10. coffeepot for $5. Well…then I remembered that I don’t have any coffee, I gave that away with the pot. I could afford one, but not the other, so I left it there. I can sub with some hot chocolate I remembered, and try the tea again until things ebb back up.

Neither of us found much else promising, either. Grubby Barbies and tired babies, not much else in dolls or toys. Maybe Monday’s not the best day to visit. But I’m glad we got out and about. The grocery next door had a special on strawberries - $1. a pound ! Got plenty to share, and made sure M&FIL had a nice box of them. Also got a loaf of rye bread as a treat for me, and blueberry bagels on clearance for breakfasts. Dearest Son had his own treat to choose, and even shared a bit of it with me. He’s so sweet !

Unfortunately, it soon got hotter and hotter, and even making lunch beyond a cold sandwich was a bit of an effort. Thank Everything for leftover Chinese dinners ! I was so relieved when Beloved Hubby came home early. I really worry when he’s out on days this scorching.

Here’s my second Belle doll, the one from the birthday lot. She’s about as I found her, although I cleaned the newspaper ink smudges from her face and hands. For whatever reason, my seller just dropped her and the clothes into a box, with no bags, no nothing, then threw two wadded up pieces of newspaper on top and sealed it up. Both of us were lucky the dirt came off. And none of the shoes or other small pieces fell out, due to the huge dent and minor tears on one side. She finally has her  crown – yaaay ! – and one earring, too. This is Rapunzel’s nightwear, with the robe behind her. There’s even a little gold initial on each robe, which I am seriously thinking of picking out and easing flat. I’ve always hated clothes specifically for one doll only, and as you can see, some colors look better on other dolls than they do on the one they’re issued.

I have the slippers, too, for all my DP&M nightgowns, but they’re huge and always fall off unless the doll’s standing on ‘em. I’m thinking of adding a strip of clear elastic to hold them on, or just resew ‘em smaller. Haven’t decided yet. (grin) Now those slippers may fit AG-style and clone dolls, now that I think about it….

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  1. At least it's supposed to cool down again next week, but I may melt before then!

    Aw, New!Belle really does look darling in Rapunzel's nightdress! Have you tried the cheapie "My Life" doll shoes they have at Walmart? I want to say you have, but I can't recall for sure.