Sunday, July 27, 2014

OK, so my 'Hospital Gown' needs work...

Busy, fun day today. Although we slept in, it wasn’t too late before we were up and at ‘em. We’ve closed off the Study to keep the air conditioning in more populated areas, so my laptop has been relocated to the bedroom. It works a lot better for me that way – I can use it plugged in in there, or take it into the living room on battery power. Battery lasts a little over an hour, so I’m not on it all day long. I have to keep the Arena clean for a surface for it, too. And I certainly don’t eat near it this way, either. So I think it’s a good change for me.  

We’re also having to keep the living room cleaned up, so we did a sweep and relocate this morning. I was trying to decide what to create and sew today – yup, I wanted to make my own pattern instead of spending all day trying to find someone else’s to adapt – when Beloved Hubby was ready to take a couple loads to the Laundromat. We’re way behind, and I think the guys are outta socks and/or underwear. I went with, and since I can do that on my own, I’ll keep doing a couple loads here and there during the week ‘til we catch up. If I go early, it won’t be so hot and it won’t take long, so I’ll probably scoot right after Beloved leaves for work. Oh, and the citrus slice fabric is ready to go – hopefully I can make that into a blouse later this week !

Made the bed with fresh-washed sheets, and put the rest away, but I just couldn’t nap. I wanted to sew ! Got a reasonable start to a pattern when my guys proposed going out for a late lunch, to the local Italian restaurant. I could get a big salad from their bar if it looked good, and they had everything from pizza for Dearest Son to Lasagna for Beloved. I even had a $5. off coupon for doing a survey for them last week  – let’s go !

Oh, it was heavenly ! I did go for the salad bar, and had a great munchy one that filled a platter with cheese and sunflower seeds and eggs and spinach and bacon, with two kinds of lettuce and strawberries and pears on the side. I also had a small slice of pizza and some of Beloved’s toasted ravioli – I want that next time ! We pretty much had the restaurant to ourselves, so we took our time and enjoyed chatting about video games, differential equations, and the difference between sewing doll shirts and momma shirts.

Once home, my guys immediately slept. I still wanted to sew. So I did ! It was so funny – was working away like an idiot, sweating the details on a super-basic first trial, when FIL noticed my concentration and lavishly complimented the loveliness of the work in progress. Didn’t have the heart to tell him I was working so hard to create a hospital gown ! It was so sweet of him.

And, well, there it is, even with the ribbon ties in the back, it doesn’t look much like a hospital gown, it looks more like just a big white shirt. Which can also come in handy. I may try it again in a repeating print, see if that works better. I have numerous tweaks to wreak on the trial pattern… I always work out problems on the actual item while I’m going sewing, instead of on the pattern. Then I have to go back and measure how far down did I have to redo the neckline, and where did I put the new underarm seam start ?

And yes, that’s the Ariel doll I fixed yesterday. Can't hardly even see the seam. I like it when my dolls have their own toys. This is also Belle #2 - I still have to brush out her hair. I just thought it was kind of funny because my hair looks all tumbled and tossed when I'm an in-patient, too. 

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