Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Once again, luckily with no real pain...

Guess where I ended up again today. Yup. I can hardly believe it m’self. But despite the nebulizer and the O2 supply, my chest just kept getting tighter all day. I found that I was stuck waiting next to the nebulizer for my next treatment, trying to make sure it was the right time, but wishing hard the ‘right time’ was ‘right then’. And even rushing from one to the next didn’t help much. Felt good, but I was soon tight again. And none of any of it was keeping me from coughing and occasionally kicking out some of the gunk I could still feel cruising around in my lungs.

All too soon, nothing I did got my O2 past 87, and night was fast approaching. We hit the button, and I was once again loaded into an ambulance. My breathing never gets better after 9pm. According to their device, I was closer to 82, and dipping into the high 70s while they scrambled to get equipment on me. And once at the VA, I wasn’t doing much better – they put me on steroids ! And an IV of Magnesium.

So now I’m admitted, and there’s no telling for how long. At least I’ll already be here for my Thursday appointments ! I’m in Critical Care, which means my own room, which is both scary and relaxing. 

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  1. Oh geez, Dorrie! That's terrifying! I hope you're doing better!