Saturday, July 12, 2014

Still bored...

Still in the hospital. Not sure what they’re doing with me. Had another drive-by Dr. visit – I just barely woke up before he was gone ! About all I got was that I would be home soon, there wasn’t much here they couldn’t have me do at home myself, but the gunk is still in my lungs and I’m still not at my ‘correct’ blood oxygenation levels yet. No clue how I’m to get those fixed on my own besides continue ‘new breathing’ – clearly everything else I was doing wrong was enough to tumble me into my third ER ride in two months ! – but he had faith in me, at least, that I could.

Rest of the day was another sit-back and do what I could. But without new orders or instructions, it was mostly doll and computer time. Daytime TV still ranks. 

1 comment:

  1. I hope they can get your defrib. slated for soon, it sounds like boredom is almost as serious a serious problem as everything else going on. Hope you're feeling better!