Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The $5.75 Shoe Boxes !

Beloved Hubby decided to come with on my Dr. visit, so I was pretty happy – driving to Capitol City at the start of lunch rush made me a bit nervous. I was more than happy to let him do it, and we even left early to hit OfficeDepotMax. They had a sale on SkullCandy headphones he wanted, and sales on scissors I wanted.

Scissors were sold out – should have expected that when they’re 25¢ a pair ! – but I snagged three of those little boxes. They’re normally a dollar each, and they come in handy for all sorts of things. Especially doll jewelry ! That’s where the purple one’s going, in with the DP&M  accessories bag. And his new headphones sound awesome. SkullCandys are great.

While poking around the other back-to-school sale shelves, I found something I’ve wanted for years – the shoe tape dispenser ! I’ve always liked it, but just couldn’t bring m’self to spend $10. to $15. for it. Five bucks ? Heck yeah ! I looked over snakeskin and neon ones for the classic black. I might have considered the cherry red one I’ve seen before, but they didn’t have it in stock. They did show various tape and Post-It note dispensers in the ad, but it didn’t show the shoe, so I didn’t think it was included. It is ! And if I ever get tired of it as a tape dispenser, I can always fill in the middle with fabric scraps and make a doll chair out of it !

Dr.  visit went well, it was mostly an after-hospital follow-up, and it didn’t take long. Unfortunately, I got a bit lightheaded and loopy when we stopped for lunch, and Beloved ended up bagging everything and getting me home. I wasn’t crashing, and I wasn’t late for meds – I’ve been far later ! – but after I took everything I’m supposed to, I felt better and ended up falling asleep for nearly an hour.

I should be sewing now, but I’m still sleepy and tired. Plus, I think I’m gonna start my blouse with that fruit slice seersucker tomorrow, and studying the pattern would be a better use of time. I’m also doing laundry and hitting the thrift, so it’ll be another great day. And maybe I’ll even get a running start on my shirt ! 

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