Thursday, July 17, 2014

I feel like I can really say 'I'm BACK !' now.

It’s stupid, but I’m so proud of me ! Waay back in June, when I was first in the hospital, the cats pretty much took over my sewing Arena – especially the bars on the rolling cart that held ribbon spools. I’ve had to pick up unspooled ribbon about every day since, either winding it back up, or putting it back on the table when they finally pulled it completely off. Every first day I’ve come home, I see the pile and say to m’self, ‘You need to fix that.’, but either slept all day or got sick again. Well, today, I fixed it ! I got it coiled and stored, and hope to never see another Medusa-pile of ribbon on the floor. Darn cats.

From there, I was suddenly obsessed with doing all the little ‘meaning to do’ jobs, so I got working ! Found a new place for the battery charger. I had it by my nightstand, but now, there’s a lamp, a fan, a nebulizer, and the charger there, all using the same two outlets – even the extension cord couldn’t hold ‘em all. So I found a new place for the charger, something else I’ve been meaning to do, and straightened out everything else. Also got some long-delayed laundry put away, stacks of books reshelved, and the last of the hospital stuff and papers filed. Sounds like just a bit, but it turned out to be a lot of work !

(grin) I feel a lot better now, and wake up every morning with a to-do list long as a list of patterns I own… but only get maybe half done before my strength wanes. Well, half done is better than nothing done, and I can always pick up the undone jobs later. Long as I do something, I’m getting better, and so is this place – so hopefully I won’t get sick again !

I want to sew so bad…

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