Saturday, July 26, 2014

Tia knows how to beat the heat !

The new air conditioner is great – which is good, the repair we attempted to the other one didn’t work – but it does pull quite a lot of power. We’ve tripped the breaker twice. I’ve contacted the broken window unit’s manufacturer, and we’re in the queue for a warranty repair, so here’s hoping.

Otherwise today, I crossed several smaller items off the meaning-to-do list. The Arena’s surface is nice and clean, all wiped down, finally. While that was going on, I came across a small Ariel doll/puppet I got from the thrift – been meaning to stitch up a seam in her tail, then the dolls would have their own Little Mermaid doll. Five minutes of hand-sewing later, that was done. Got the printed out patterns on the Arena organized, with the ones I wanna try left in the pattern catcher, the others filed safely away. I know, they’re just printouts, and I can always print a fresh one, but…

After a while, I realized I was stalling, and dug through the patterns again, looking for something to try. Decided to take a simple sleeveless bodice for an AG-size and fit it to the DP&M girls *and* make it reversible. What can I say, I love a challenge. Besides, the Arena is directly across from the new air conditioner… lingering was not gonna be a problem !

Making it reversible took longer than just lining it, or making two of them. Plus, I’d never really done many reversible clothes before, and this time, I had no directions at all. It was also really hard to pull it right side out via the shoulders ! Yeah, I think I know where I messed that up ! But it came out great, even though I had to take it in on the fly. 
Very pleased with it.

So pleased that I made matching shorts to go with it ! Well, not completely matching, I didn’t have enough of the white-on-white fabric I used for the reverse of the shirt. But this white worked well, and I have lots of it ! I think it used to be a sheet. I used the McCalls Crissy pants pattern from before, since the printout had gotten torn at the bottom edge. After I finished those – the cuffs were a major challenge, of course I wanted those after I’d cut the pants to the short length I wanted without cuffs – I sort of noodled around with her hair. She looks adorable with twin ponytails, but a bit younger than I wanted. I ended up with the top bun, which looks fun, sophisticated, and cool. I hardly ever get hairstyles right !

Finished altering the pattern, since I’d had to take in quite a bit at the side seams and in the back, and hope to stitch it up again soon, as either a longer, lined tank top, or a simple hemmed version. But I will say, lining or making it reversible sure gives a cleaner finish. Think how much better it’d look if I actually ironed it ! 

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