Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Honest... fabric just follows me home, I can't control it !

Don't need any of it, but I like having it ! 
Aand…it’s all blown over. The turmoil brewing in Chez Insanity has already boiled over and settled. I keep forgetting that the 'commun-ication style’ between Beloved Hubby and FIL is almost completely quiet until it explodes, then everyone retreats to quiet corners overnight and discusses it all together the next day. From there, we all move on. Drives me crazy, but somehow it works for them, I just have to remember to keep my mouth shut, let Beloved and FIL work it out themselves. I did that admirably last night, the fuming started while I was giving m’self the nightly insulin shot, which I kept on doing and didn’t move ‘til they were done. Not like they were payin’ me any attention anyway, but least said, soonest forgiven, I always say.

Busy day today – dropped off and picked up Dearest Son from a playday, visited the new-last-year ‘fresh market’ style grocery store, returned the Mal-Wart doll shoes that were comically large on the DP&M girls, and hit a thrift. Cherry picked sale cherries, celery, and nectarines, and got 3oz of no-candy trail mix. I’m so nutritionally unlearned. I stood there in the bulk aisle with the various trail mixes, dismayed that the cheapest of them was still $4. a pound. Then I remembered all the times I had no problems at all paying four bucks for a 15oz bag of chips…and this was all good stuff, dried fruit, nuts, and seeds. And, oh, was it tasty ! You can’t eat a lot of trail mix in one sitting without risking a tummyache, but three ounces is a lot of tastes ! I also got a bag of cherries for S., as a thanks for hosting Dearest.

The Mal-Wart Customer Service Manager was kind of snitty about my return, but given the look on her face, she was possibly snitty on her wedding day. Nothing I could do about it, but I managed to get some neat seersucker fabric at $1.50 a yard to make a shirt for me with, a markdown fabric glue stick – we’ll see how that works, or if it deserved to be busted down to a third of its former price – and an extension cord for the fan. Since I’m gonna be sewing this summer, I wanna be as cool as possible.

The thrift had the sheets Dearest’s been needing, and I’m almost jealous of them. They fit great, and are so soft and smooth… I also found a nearly new copy of 501 French Verbs, the classic tome for any language student, and since that’s what Beloved Hubby’s gonna take in college, it was well worth snagging. As for me, I got a paperback copy of Stephen King’s  Everything’s Eventual, which somehow escaped me back in ’02, and a pillowcase of small Halloween prints that’ll end up as doll clothes eventually. Not bad for ten bucks and tax !

But I was exhausted by the time all that was done. I fell asleep during a breathing treatment, and I’m ready for bed now. But there’s some cherries in the fridge that really wanna be eaten…I can hear them.

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