Thursday, July 24, 2014

So very hot...

Today was nearly too hot to publish – we lost one of our two window AC units this morning. You may remember that the central air conditioning in this wrambling wreck of a house hasn’t worked no matter what we did to it, so we’ve been making do. Well, today it became making don’t, and we need more cash than we have to fix it. We’ll be doing better tomorrow – in fact, we were planning on buying a larger unit for the living room this weekend – but for today, it’s gonna be another 100°+ scorcher, so we’re kinda out of luck. Kinda ranks, because that particular unit was purchased maybe three  months ago. But without a receipt, Home Despot says there’s nothing they can help us with.

So we did what we could and got through the day. I’ve put most of my patterns into a cloud server that I can access via the Tab – instant portability I can take to the sewing machine Arena, and prop up if I’m working on something detailed ! I’ve read a lot of my thrift-store origin books. Found I can’t read feminist classic Fear of Flying.  It’s so focused on being witty and clever to itself, it isn’t at all engaging to me. Best Friends was endless tales of two women who never went a day without food, shelter or anything except by choice, and then complained endlessly that their lives were just soooo hard.

Tomorrow’s gonna be the same, but Beloved says he’s  coming home with an AC, so it won’t be completely awful. Actually, today wasn’t too bad, I moved the computer into the bedroom where the working AC is, and used it sparingly. With breezes and ceiling fans moving the air in the living room, it wasn’t too bad until mid-afternoon, where we retired to the bedroom. Don’t worry about the IL’s, they have their own AC, and aren’t worried a bit about ours !

I’m looking forward to having air conditioning in the living room. It’s been too hot to sew since back in May, and I’m so wiped out by the time the temperature drops to the mid 80s, all I wanna do is sleep. 

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  1. Hang in there, Dorrie! It's supposed to cool down a bit this coming week!