Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Awww... it's My First Diabetic Crash (tm) !

Ah, the glory of waking up in your own bed and choosing what you want for meals. No matter how the best hospital tries – and the VA does very well in the effort ! – or how hard the best hotel strives, there’s nothing better than a ham sandwich for dinner,  because that’s all you want for dinner, a ham sandwich. I had the world’s best frozen waffles and a banana this morning, and enjoyed every scrap. Beloved Hubby was all ready to celebrate me coming home, but I went for the sandwich option, due to sleepiness and funds. We can party later, when everyone feels more up to it, and we’re not broke.

Luckily, my sugar was back down this morning. It skyrockets when I’m in-patient. Probably because I eat everything on my plate if I can stomach it – there’s not a lot else to occupy time, even with a laptop and tablet. And despite the little warnings, I still get dessert, which is fruit half the time, a chocolate brownie or cake the rest. Stuff we don’t have at home, or I’d be even bigger ! So I’m sure it’ll drop once I’m back to my old routines. Plus, Beloved did the shopping, and he buys fruit, not snack cakes. Plus I'm still on steroids. 

Well. Talk about prescient. I just had a major hypoglycemic incident, and it scared the heck out of me. I thought I was just dizzy a bit, but I started pouring sweat and got dizzier and less coherent and more confused by the second. I couldn’t figure out why I was so hot, then so cold, so I looked up ‘profuse sweating’ on the tablet… ah. Guess it was down a bit too much. Oddly, my doctor’s office called to check up on me just as I was finishing my injection. A quick nap, and I was back up and ready for lunch. Talk about your learning curve… Thank Everything Dearest Son was here to help – he asked if he needed to call Daddy, or 911, or Grand-dad, offered to grab things for me, or just sit with me. He’s my hero !  

Anyway, I’m home and recovering – there’s bits and pieces of last week’s entries I need to post, and I never did show you what I got for my birthday ! So I’ll be around – and hopefully this is the last time I’ll have to come home from the hospital this summer ! 

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