Sunday, July 20, 2014

Everybody's Free (To Feel Reseated !)

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There’s an incredible, almost indescribable sort of satisfaction that bounces around in your head when the die-hard ‘lavender and tea tree oil’ all-organic botanist comes around to ask you for that big spray jug of pesticide you keep around for when the cats’ fleas get a bit too rowdy. Or when their head cold just won’t go away with baking soda and peppermint, it’s time for Mucinex. (shrug) Happens sometimes.

I was all set to visit my neglected thrift shop when I stupidly stopped to verify my driver’s license. With a birthday in the dust, it’s always a good idea. Unless you really wanted to get out for a bit. Mine expired months ago – I’d updated it to vote in the 4-year before last election, and the DMV updated the whole license instead, months before my birthday. Guess what’s on my agenda early tomorrow morning ? Hafta spend a few minutes getting paperwork together – in our state, if you’ve let your license lapse, you gotta come up with a birth certificate.

So instead, I got to stay home and have fun with what I already got – always a good choice on a hot Sunday. All in all, and off and on, it took me about three hours to get the Monster High shelf cleaned and reset, but it really was worth it. Now I don’t feel so bad and neglectful when I look at them all. And I’m really glad I stopped when I did ! Cleaning and dusting that many took a long time, imagine if I’d had the more common twice that many. I even remembered to hang the three flying characters I could think of with MH-stand waist brackets suspended from screw-in cup hooks. Could have hung a few more, like the gargoyles, but the box the cup hooks was in is gone. In fact, the box that box was in has vanished. The things that happen when I’m stuck in a hospital room… Getting them finally hung up at last got those cup hooks off my desk, where the idea and initial experiment’s been waiting since May. Yaaay !

That job also had side-jobs, like digging out the stepstool toolbox to hang and clean with – it was buried under pounds of papers further wedged deep under Beloved Hubby’s desk. Took me 15 minutes and a ten minute break to get that out of there, much less use it. But since I also tossed out two boxes and moved some other things, there’s now space for it out there by the Arena. I’m the only one who uses it anyway.

Had to start and complete it today, since it took over a good chunk of the living room, and with all the traffic back and forth, it’d only be a matter of time before something got lost or broken. While I didn’t see any AWOL dolls, I still crawled under and checked – found some fabric pieces, three dead June bugs, and a live spider – and did a little cleaning there, too. So while it took longer, I stayed with it, and I’m proud of me. I think all 59 of my MH (Or, in the case two knockoffs and a Catwalk Kitty, MH-themed !) classmates are happy, too. Beloved was pleased to see me so industrious, so he sprung for Chinese for dinner ! Soo tasty… 


  1. The levitating doll display is such a cool idea!

  2. Im so glad you're finally feeling better! i love your doll display and i also loved the gray dress you made for the dpm doll last post. great idea to lace the back too as its hard for me to put in zippers, but ill get there sooner orlater! sending good vibes your way.