Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What a gorgeous wet day !

Rain, rain, beautiful rain ! I was so happy to see rain when I woke up this morning, I was completely OK with the fact that I left nearly every window in the 4Runner down – and that I’d be dragging clean, dry laundry through it. Wiped down the wet in the car and tossed the towel back in the dirty clothes basket, was on my way right at 7am. With only barely noticeable breathing constriction.

I had just shaken out the last of the freshly triple-washer laundered clothes into the Laundromat dryer when Beloved Hubby sneaked a Big Gulp soda on the folding and sorting table at my hip. How sweet ! I was parched, too. Friday will catch up our laundry, and I’m happy about that !

Dug my used-thrice-before pattern out of the bin last night, and found a bunch of cat hair and dust, so I swept. Then I got the little cuttings and threads under the Arena. Then the small bits of whatevers by Dearest Son’s desk. And over by the sofa. And in front of the TV. My cleaning project always start small – we needed plates for lunch, but I ended up doing half of everything dirty before I even started cooking. Then I finally cleaned the microwave. That thing was getting gross, as no one cleans it but me. Things get behind fast when I’m ill, but the more I do, the more I have energy to do, and I wanna keep that up. Even if it means I mostly sweat sweeping and scrubbing instead of cycling and walking. I’ll be sewing Blouse A and Shorts D – or the purple outfit modeled on the envelope. I cut mine a size larger, so it’s not so fitted.

Actually, though, what got me sweating even more than dishes was cutting out that pattern. Turns out, I bought enough for a shirt and shorts, so I cut it all out at once. Not a lot of cutaway scrap, but I’m sure my dolls will end up with a few separates made out of it. Since today’s temps were much cooler, we were using fans instead of the air conditioners, and it wasn’t long before I had sweat running down my face and into my eyes. The fresh air was so nice !  But I really hate cutting fabric, so I wanted to get it all done in one swoop and one sweaty afternoon. It’s an easy pattern, and I only had to cut seven pieces for both shirt and shorts. Tonight I’m gonna cheap serge (zig-zag) all the raw edges, even though it doesn’t seem to fray much.

I’m pretty proud of me. It’s a rare project that I buy and use the fabric in the same month ! J

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