Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I sewed ! At least a little...

Yaay ! Once again, I got something done because I was tired of moving it out of my way ! In today’s case, I got tired of shifting the bought-for-her-clothes Babysitter’s Club doll I got from the Flea Market around, and made her a super-simple gown. For whatever reason, I just can’t donate undressed dolls. So now, she is ! She’s now in the Donations bag, waiting to get dropped off on my next ride around town. It’s just a simple tube, pin fit to her in stretchy fabric. I added the jewelry hoops to keep the neckline up, and help keep it on the doll.

That leaves only one project left on my Arena table – the charity infant blankets. I was given fabric and ribbon for those when we first moved here from a neighbor, and I’ve been sitting on them ever since. I really don’t know how to make them, but that’s no excuse not to learn. I hope the cooling weather will come in time for me to start this weekend ! I really want to get that done and over with.

Because I still have this DP&M  Anna doll to redress and sell once that’s done…

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