Friday, November 29, 2013

So close, so very close on that camisole pattern...

Current Notes: I need a nap !

I was a naughty girl last night… although, with all the marked down dolls, I guess it was inevitable. So many dolls I wanted for just their clothes, half price or less all over the place, so tempting. I had shopping carts in three online stores. But I didn’t buy a one. I have plenty of dolls. I have plenty of doll clothes and still hope to sew more. Yet the ones I want aren’t out yet, and it’s silly for me to buy more others just for this skirt or that dress.

But the urge to buy was upon me…and I snagged something I really did want, the Monster High Frights, Camera, Action! Black Carpet Playset . I like their version of the ‘velvet ropes’, and saw immediate uses for the podium and ‘quilted’ seat. What really ‘sold’ it, though, was the shelves reversed to a photo op spot, and I just couldn’t resist that. Free shipping, should be here Tuesday, so we’ll see ! Beloved Hubby bought Prime a couple weeks back, and we’ve been giving it a workout !

Speaking of which… yes, my camera xD chip arrived today, shortly before 1pm. Here’s hoping the playset arrives with a lot less fuss.

I was a good girl today, though. Kept m’self from buying a black, two-foot high MH Christmas tree, but it was harder than I thought. Once I realized I didn’t really like the skirt or the ornaments (too skullette and DracuLaura heavy for my tastes), and I could make my own anytime, I let go. It’s a darn good thing the local TRUs didn’t have any in stock, or I’d be stuck !

With the ‘make your own’ on my mind, I pulled up a kitchen chair and sewed. Mostly just finally tackled the camisole I’ve had ready to go for…what, months now. Still need serious practice on straps, I totally rank at those. It’s also a bit tighter than I want, so I’ll put a bit back on and go for it again, hopefully before 2014 dawns ! 

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