Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What's the Universe got against me, anyway ? I ain't goin' shopping tomorrow !

Current Notes: Aaaargh. 

There are some days you can’t help but wonder if it’s “Thwart Me” day. You know you’re not that important, but sheesh, if it doesn’t seem the Universe is against you but only in petty ways.

Today, my new memory chip for my camera was due in. Denied ! Seems that inadvertently added an extra letter, just one single letter, in our address, and that completely flummoxed UPS. Yes, friends, you too can completely bewilder a major US corporation by adding an ‘n’ to “9th Street”. If your package has “9nth Street” on it, with everything else being the same, UPS will put it on the wrong truck in the wrong city – even if the zip code and everything else is correct ! Even if they delivered a package on the 13th – barely two weeks ago ! – with that ‘n’ there, they just can’t possibly jump that flaming hurdle today.

Yeah, the customer service rep was feeding me a line. The first CS said it was on the right truck, they just had some trouble finding the place. That’s bad enough, but the second told me that that mischievous  “n” put my chip on the wrong truck in the wrong town. I guess I’m lucky they got the state right ! She then told me I could pick it up at the local UPS office in Capitol City right now…how ? I thought it was on the truck ?

In the end, I won’t get it ‘til Monday, so I told her I was quite displeased with their level of service, that this is why people prefer to use USPS, and if she couldn’t tell me the truth – or at least stick with one lie per conversation – then I hoped she got a big bellyful of turkey tomorrow…with a side of botulism. Thank Everything this was just a stupid memory chip, and not a kidney. If the address to the hospital was hand-printed in sans serif, people could die !

So, anyway. I finally got Beloved Hubby's very important photos from the current too-limited chip backed up in six places – including three USB drives – and blanked it. My Tablet simply doesn’t take sharply focused pictures at any range, and its color palette was driving me nuts. I wanted my old camera back ! Of course, the freshly blanked old chip proceeded to screw up for several minutes. (sigh)

Once that was fixed, there were several other minor annoyances, all in a row, culminating in Flickr once again changing interfaces. My usual minute-long ‘post image to Photostream, snag URL, cut/paste here, format, final check, done’ became an hour of ‘Why the flapping flaming flip is this not working either ?1?’. Let’s just say Flickr’s ‘Share’ button don’t do squat for Blogger. And I had to search all over the image page to find what would work. Still have no idea why Flickr changed anything at all – was anybody complaining ? (sigh) I figured it out, but I did not need that on top of the rest of an already stressful day !

I am sooo gonna eat crackers in bed tonight…

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  1. Dorrie, are you watching the MST3K turkey day livestream on YouTube today?