Monday, November 18, 2013

Blue Monday

Current Notes: Glitter Girl 02. Would it be cliche to call this one 'Crystal' and the other 'Jade' ? 

There isn’t much going on today, after a busy weekend. We ended up going out for a bit after dinner, and I now have new headphones – so does Beloved Hubby. I can tell ya, I’ve had some good headphones in my life, especially back in My Radio Days, but these new ones are excellent, ‘specially for the money. Neither my Sony nor my Radio Shack professional grade sets were as comfy and high fidelity as my new $30. Skullcandy Uprocks. Dearest Son just got new Sony ones a few weeks ago, so he didn’t want to upgrade, but he found a treat for himself and is just as happy.

The drama that’s been dragging my heels – that isn’t even my drama ! – ramped up today, and I’m having to learn it hard, just to stay out, be neutral to both parties, and don’t discuss anything with Beloved until the car’s out of the driveway. It’s hard not to be dragged in when I’m here all day, but I’ll learn eventually ! I’m exhausted from both sides, and truly, that’s energy I need elsewhere. So I’m withdrawing, and hope that I’m not too late to be uninvolved.

I’m enjoying my new perch in the Study, but I’ve gotta remember to come out every so often ! Put a doll or two in here, and I’ll stay all day. But that’s not good, either.  After all, the sewing machine is in the living room, and I need to go live sometime. 

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