Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fillies Gone Wild ! "Go the %^$# To Sleep !" Read all about it in The Equirer !

Current Notes: I am sooo gonna print 'National Equirer' and hand it to a few MH ghouls...

When the holidays loom large on the horizon, everything on 250+ channels is the same ole same ole, and the wind chill is something-or-other negative below, I can’t help but think it’s natural to feel a bit nostalgic. Kinda ranks when the good old days and the bad old days are the same memories, but ya have what you have. Last night, I had insomnia ‘til 3am. Ah, fun.

I’m nearly back to normal, save for all the tools that’ve accumulated around my sewing Arena during my absence. Well. Bag that trash ! We’d have more space for tools if some of the IL’s stuff – that they’ve “been meaning to relocate, but…” - got moved, so I did it. There’s another reason I’m not fond of mirrors, besides the obvious. Those suckers are *heavy* ! Shoved a buncha their sh…stuff in the closet that their attentions have also neglected. Gonna keep packing it in there ‘til they clean it out or we do, right into the trash carts. I have near-annual changes of address to help me keep my flotsam down – I’ve learned that if it’s important, I know where it is !

Beloved Hubby tried to surprise me today with a new memory chip for the camera. Our old 2GB was messing up more often than it was working, then it was lost completely in the move. All I could find was the 16mb that came with that and another, older camera. Those hold about eight photos before they’re full. Our current one (can’t find the other 16mb) has photos on it of some gorgeous cabinets Beloved made, for a digital inspiration album to show clients. I’ve been hesitant to take those off the chip, even with backing them up numerous times, to use the camera for weeks now, but the Tablet isn’t near as good. I was hoping to buy a new, big ole chip this weekend, but he wanted to surprise me with it today.

Problem is, it’s xD. Evidently, that tech is on the way down, if not out – he couldn’t find one anywhere. So we ordered one off Amazon.com. Should be here tomorrow, if you can believe it !

I’m still so sleepy, though…

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