Sunday, November 24, 2013

It may be Autumn still, but today's snow says somethin' different !

Current Notes: Ready for Thursday yet ? 

Woke to the sound of sizzling bacon. No smell of it, though. Nope, that was an ice storm outside. It faded to fat, fluffy snowflakes a couple hours later – our first snowfall of Winter 2013 ! – then back to ice and rain.  The propane heater Beloved Hubby bought Friday night kept us nice and toasty, but I’ll be glad when we get the central heat fixed, hopefully next week.

Beloved worked today, regardless of my entreaties. At least he knows how to drive in ice and snow ! I decided that, since I feel mostly back to normal (digestive issues remain), and I have a new ‘perch’ in the Study, I may as well clean it. And unpack that stack of boxes piled up under the window.

That took nearly all day. I had to redo the bookcase, add a shelf, rearrange nearly all the books, find places for a few hundred things, sweep five or six times, ask Dearest Son to take out two bags of trash and three wrecked, flattened boxes, move my desk twice, shove two good flattened boxes and Ginger-kitty’s make-do kitty transporter into an already crammed storage closet, clear and collapse a tv tray that’d become a pseudo-desk and trash stop, and create both a receipts catcher and stray wire and cord box. That got the mess down to just one box of stuff for Beloved to go through whenever he’s ready – or not. It’s out of the way and his biz.

While I was sorting and digging, I made it through about half the first season of Reven8e, which is pretty good, but then very guilty of some serious Harlequin-poor writing. I’m wondering whose side the author is on…

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