Monday, November 25, 2013

They're kind of Christmassy, in an odd sort of way...

Current Notes: Flickr just changed interfaces again, and it took 
me half an hour how to figure out how to do what I normally accomplish in 15 seconds. I swear...

Comfortably ‘perched’ in the newly cleaned and finally unpacked Studio – much better. Somehow a room looks brighter with no stacks of cardboard boxes in the way, no matter how bad the room looked before the move !

I’m down to the last two apples. I swear, once those are gone, I won’t wanna see a Granny Smith for quite some time, unless it’s the li’l ole mare on My Little Pony. Y’see, I like apples, and Beloved Hubby likes it when I eat wisely, so whenever we got low, he’d buy more. Which is great, but I’m the only one eating them, and I started stashing ‘em in the fridge, where they wouldn’t get in the way with all the various tasks going on in the kitchen. He’d see we were out of apples, and buy more. I put the last bag right in the fridge, since I was still eating the previous batch… and the next thing I knew, it was Halloween, and the only way to get rid of them all was to eat them, animate them with mad science, or try to pass ‘em off to local treat-seeking kids. Yeah, right. I’ve been eating one a day for nearly a month now, give or take a skipped day here and there. I’m heartily sick of apples, and that caramel dip is long gone. And it wasn’t even me who ate it all. If you want me to eat pommes in December, yer gonna have to step up to chocolate dip…

I’ve read that Slo Moe is on his way to hitting stores mid-December instead of January. I’m ready ! There’s thirty bucks in his fund, waiting on him to show up somewhere besides eBay for $135. Hoping for another survey or two, to plump it up a bit more, but one way or another,  I… that is, Ghoulia, will have the fiend of her dreams.

Deboxed the last Midnight Magic doll, known as Selina, today. I still can’t believe that purple thing is supposed to be a Siamese cat. I thought it was a Chihuahua. I’ve never seen a Siamese with such a stumpy tail and oversized head ! In a stunning display of bonus, the Chiamese’s  head turns. All the way around ! Now that photos are done, it’s Dearest Son’s genetic mess toy now. Beloved’s got the camera today, to photograph some gorgeous cabinets he created for a sort of brag portfolio, so I’ve been experimenting with the Tablet’s camera recently. It’s not bad. I prefer the Fuji FinePix, but be happy with what’cha got, I always tell Dearest – time to be an example.

Saw, for the first time, that the doll’s left eye is noticeably too close to her nose. But it actually works out OK, since their noses barely show up in photos or in most light anyway. Truth be told, I rather like these MM ghouls, and may end up keeping them. I’d consider going back for the other two, but the only Family Dollar around here only has one display box of them, and their dresses were truly badly sewn. Even taking into account most DTree doll fashion, they were bad. I got the best of the lot, easily. Anyway, I can justify $15. for two – caught mine on sale ! – but $10. each is just too much for a (usually) solid animal figure, a flimsy comb and brush, a not-well-sewn dress, a fairly neat doll, and more boots just like what I already have. No stands here either, never have been that I’ve seen.

Confession Corner : Watched the first two episodes of Season 4 of MLP. Twice. And having Luna in the opening credits is like getting a Christmas present I didn’t know I wanted, and now it’s my favorite. Squeeee ! 

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