Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ok, now I'm broke. Whew !

Current Notes: Glitter Girl 01

McRib Count 2013 : 04
McRib/ Quarter Pounder Hybrid Count : 01

Beloved Hubby had today off ! It’s probably been almost two months since he had a whole day to himself. Lucky we did all my running around Friday and Saturday – he had the whole day to do as he pleased !

We got donuts for everyone, and went tool shopping. Not as boring as it may seem, given how many ‘home’ products are in most places that sell power tools. I’ll have to show you the cabinet job he just finished, and you’d see why I have no problems with him buying work tools – I’ll get cabinets even prettier soon from those same tools !

Instead of relaxing, Beloved tore into his Study. I was happy – it was the only room that still had boxes from the move in it. Since those are his books and papers, I don’t want to mess with them. Only he knows how he wants them. But, as it turns out, he wasn’t unpacking. He was clearing space for my computer desk in there.

While I wanted his study to be just that, his retreat, where he could sometimes close everyone out for a bit (we all need that, something I’m more and more aware of by the day), he didn’t want me to keep getting bumped and interrupted every time someone needed the bathroom. The way he saw it, I could have my computer desk and printer in the Study, and he’d take my vacated space as a tool staging area, since it’s rare he needs the same tools more than two days together. It’d be convenient to the driveway, and if somebody thumped a tool box in passing, it’s no big thing. He’s always been very careful of bladed and heavy equipment pieces, and I check, too, just to be sure.

While I hated to take his space… being moved a bit would possibly encourage me to get off the computer more. And by separating the spaces, I’d probably be more encouraged to sew ! In the end, I thought that if he’s willing to make the sacrifice to improve my mood, I should accept and improve it !

And I got my first Quarter Pounder /McRib hybrid for dinner. Evidently they ran out of buns between his McRib and mine, because mine came with a QP bun. It was arrayed like a regular McRib, with most of it sticking out of the too-small bun like a barbecue-sauced tongue. But when I went to eat it – after I stopped laughing – I found that they’d thoughtfully cut the McRib in half, so I could stack it and eat it like a burger. You know, I actually rather liked it like that…

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