Saturday, November 16, 2013

Shadow Party !

Current Notes: Twyla is very pretty in pink ! Even if the 'donor doll' is nearly twice her size ! 

Today, I got to visit Family Dollar ! I’ve been wanting to, ever since the second  and third waves of Midnight Magic dolls’ photos started hitting the MH fan sites. It’s kind of impressive that there is a second wave of a knockoff, but the first run of MM sold well from what I could tell.

Ended up leaving with three dolls and a bag of jelly beans. The first was a $5. narrowbox pink doll – Adele - I only bought for her dress. I had to pin it in the back a bit, but it’s what Twyla’s wearing now. It looks very cute on her, so I’ll probably alter it to Twyla. It’s a complete open back, so all I’ll have to do is take it in a bit and move the Velcro ™ to the new spot. I liked the ‘checkered’ dresses the other dolls wore, but they were sewn so poorly, the bad fit and the bad stitching was visible, so I decided to give them a pass.

The other two were the new ‘deluxe’ ones. You’ll get to see them tomorrow. I was going to settle for only one, but they were ‘buy one, get one half price’, so I got the two I wanted. And the jellybeans were good, too ! 

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