Thursday, November 28, 2013

Hope your day was full !

Current Notes: I'm just glad it's back to Fall-type weather ! 

Happy Thanksgiving ! However you spent your day, I hope it was relaxing and had good food. Heck, I want that for everybody every day !

I got to see more toy ads than usual today. Did  you know Tinkerbell now has her own Country Camper van ? I don’t know what took Mattel so long to make that. Nothing says ‘magical forest fairy in classic children’s literature’ more than a custom 4WD RV ! I wonder when Tink’s “Career Series” begins. She can’t repair pots and pans forever, ya know. Payments on that RV are probably brutal !

As for me, I had lots to be thankful for today, and I was, relaxed and reading for a good chunk of the day, with a soda on one side and a big bag of Cheddar Chex Mix on the other. We planned ahead for the day ! Had pork chops and home fries with DM & FIL, snacks in the afternoon, and the dinner of our choice tonight. Not a ton of leftovers. Not a big huge deal. Just a relaxed, quiet day, with naps and TV and books and favorite foods. Perfect.

Sewed a little. DMIL dropped a split-seam robe off next to my sewing machine today, so I went ahead and fixed it, as a ‘thanks’ for the chops. Would have been nice if she’d asked, but that’s kind of her way these days. I hoped to sew more, but Dearest wanted to watch the remade Incredible Journey, and Michael J. Fox’s ‘frantic’ voice for that one dog just scrapes on my nerves. Normally, I’d just listen to my Mp3 player with headphones and sew away, but it hasn’t yet been replaced. Soon…

Oh, and just for fun, I checked for the tracking status of that wayward camera memory chip. According to their site, UPS will deliver it tomorrow. I’ll believe it when I see it, as the rep I had the misfortune to deal with yesterday told me they were closed today and tomorrow. If it does show up, she really was fulla fibs !

I hope your day was full of what makes you happy and content…

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