Friday, August 31, 2012

A cheesy day.

Current Mood : Disco-ish

Dearest Son and I had a great time prowling today ! We got the monitor cord returned and he asked me to hold his half – until he found the across-the-street Mal-Wart had the small Lego Monster Fighter sets. He got one, featuring a tiny Swamp Creature figure that Lagoona will probably love. May have to get a photo next time he leaves him on the floor somewhere.

As for me, since I got Ghoulia’s scooter, there isn’t much I want, besides little Dollar Tree-type household goods, like ice trays and a decent cheese grater. Unfortunately, there isn’t one I like around for less than ten bucks, so I put that one off. Instead, I got the ice trays, a new pitcher (I wanna start making iced tea), some plastic cooking/ serving spoons, a set of six small melamine plates that go with our dinnerware, and two new fat quarters I couldn’t resist – a green ‘bubble’ print and a colorful paper lantern one. I also got some snacks for later. We’re doing a ‘staycation’ for the holiday, and can always use snacks.

Beloved Hubby was home early, and while he’s working Saturday, he’s off Sunday and Monday. While he and Dearest napped, I finished off Hunger Games. Enjoyed it, so I requested the library put me in line for the next two books in the trilogy. Suzanne Collins writes a lot like me – chatty, without putting much weight on the words, figuring they’re just my thoughts, they’re not philosophy for the ages. I really got into it, though. By the time I’d gotten through the descriptions of meals in the Capitol, I had such a yearning for cheese …it was like a haunting in the back of my mind and teeth. Maybe I can get some of that delicious gouda this weekend.

In other hopeful news, Jersey Shore has been cancelled. Whew. Now, if we can just go after whoever thought Here Comes Honey Boo Boo was a great idea…

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