Friday, August 17, 2012

Wishing you great luck for the weekend !

Current Mood : Relaxed but a bit worried still. 

What can I say about today, except that it’s over, at least until Wednesday, when I get the results. We were a few minutes early, so we got to cool our heels in the waiting area – together at least this time ! – for a half hour. I don’t know why cutting into me and taking stuff out from inside, then taping me back together is considered ‘non-surgical’, but that’s what the post-care paper they gave me said.

At least this time, I was smart enough to keep my cell phone with me, signs be darned, so I was able to text Beloved Hubby and Dearest Son that the ‘non-surgical’ part was over. Just had to wait for ‘clean up’, then I could get dressed and get my post-non-surgical papers and supplies. And we were outta there ! Ironically, the whole thing was less than an hour and a half, and that includes the long initial wait. Ah, well.

And Dearest put the time to good use. He’s drawing his own comic book, and had two pages done by the time we left. Beloved also did some sketching, which made me happy. It’s been a long time since he did anything artistic.

Once home, I followed my directions to the letter. It said ‘no heavy activity for 72 hours’, and I probably slept at least twelve. Off and on. I’d promised to take Dearest to Dollar Tree, so we went late in the afternoon. They didn’t have any more of those wire waste-baskets Beloved wanted, so I got a blue plastic trash can I liked and it’s now what I use, Beloved got my ‘old’ one. Didn’t see much I wanted, but I did finally snag a resin ‘tombstone’, hip high to a Monster High doll, with ‘Stay Scary’ in glittery blue letters. I always meant to score a few of those, even back in my Barbie days, but by the time I put a couple bucks aside, they were always sold out.

They got tons of Halloween stuff now. Feathered black birds, rubber bats, paper garlands, wreaths, several sizes of tombstones, even lenticular portraits that change from ‘grandma’ to ‘ghoul’ as you walk past. I have an idea for the annual LiveJournal photo contest that might utilize my tombstone, but needs a ton of sewing a lot more ! I also have to alter a pattern ‘til it fits…but if I can pull it off, it’ll be awesome !

So I was glad I went, but I wondered how many other shoppers noticed that I was bleeding. Side seam of my shirt was soaked, but I don’t think anyone saw. Beloved helped me clean up and reapply bandages, but he was pretty worried. Knowing him, he won’t sleep much tonight for checking me every few minutes. It’s pretty much stopped, but you know how it is with loving ones ! Hand-washed the blouse in the sink – luckily, the pattern will hide anything that doesn’t machine-wash out later.

Well, since now I *really* gotta relax, lest I start it up again, I’m gonna turn in early. Hope your weekend is great – and that you’ll find something cool you always wanted !

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  1. Take it easy. I'm not sure why they call those non-surgical either. Anything that requires a incision and bandaging is surgical..I don't know. Enjoy your new goodies. Those are the best to get into for the next few days while healing :O)