Tuesday, August 28, 2012

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Rather quiet day, but I had a big success with dinner. I made a new-to-me version of that old classic, Chicken and Dumplings. I haven’t made that in six years, at least. My usual ‘family’ recipe takes a nice, clean kitchen into a complete mess of a disaster area, and the final product is still kinda bland. The new version mostly just changes the dumplings part, but it was delicious ! And nowhere near as messy. While I washed out a newly-found patch of conducive wax gunk in my hair, Beloved Hubby snuck to the pot and ate all the dumplings out of it ! That’s one of the best compliments he’s ever paid to my cooking – and this from a guy who was not at all enthusiastic about tonight’s dinner menu.

There’s still some thick broth and chicken pieces left, so tomorrow, I’ll add potatoes and carrots to it for chicken stew – a hearty lunch. It’ll use up some of the potato surplus, too. Sometime Thursday, I get to try my hand at a fish fry. I remember those from Friday nights of my childhood, spent at the Loyal Order of Moose lodge, just before Bingo. Delicious fresh-caught flounder (we were about three hours from the ocean), dipped in cornmeal, then deep-fried one plank at a time, and about every third or fourth fish, hush-puppies made from leftover cornmeal and milk were fried up, too. So tasty. Such a powerful memory, I bought frozen flounder without a clue how to cook it. Time to learn, and use it up.

It’s about all I did today, really. I think I’m still dazed from my near-total lack of sleep at the clinic. I’m muddle-headed and can’t plan jack, and have caught m’self reading the same page of my book over and over. Oh, and you’re gonna laugh. Guess what else I had on hold at the Library that came in ? A copy of The Hunger Games ! I wouldn’t even care about it, but I really liked that Barbie that Mattel made based on the lead character. Wasn’t expecting it anytime soon, since I was third in line, but there it was. Now I’m trying to hurry up on the book I’m reading now – Mercedes Lackey’s The Gates of Sleep, ha-ha – so I can read Hunger and return it for the next patron.

After that, I’ll probably look for cookbooks. I made a master list of dinner  menus, and it’s a pretty thin selection. If I can make a Chicken and Dumplings meal that both my guys will willingly eat, and fry fish, I can probably cook just about anything that doesn’t require fifteen seasonings, twenty ‘main’ ingredients and two stove/ovens. Problem is, most cookbooks are either ‘Pour cereal in bowl. Pour milk in bowl. Secure spoon. Serve.’ simple or ‘You Will Need’ lists that take up the whole first page of a three-page recipe – and that’s without pictures ! And we don’t have a microwave.

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