Saturday, August 18, 2012

And this is my second-favorite image...(snerk)

Current Mood : Wondering

Thanks, ya’ll ! Your good wishes worked, I slept through the night – about ten hours ! – and didn’t re-open the non-surgery suture. I’m on light duty ‘til tomorrow night, but if I wake up tomorrow morning and it’s still intact, I’ll be happy. Just wish they’d given me more than six ‘steri-strips’ that need to stay on for five more days. I’ve soaked the first two pairs.

There’s also something I’ve been meaning to ask ya’ll. You already know my MH addiction has taken myriad forms, to the point where I make my own ancillary themed products. I’ve said, especially after having such a good time altering my last one, the oversized Barbie convention tote, that I’m gonna make my next purse. I still intend to do so, but when I worked on the design in my head last year, I had embroidered MH logos all over the thing. Now…not so much.

I mean, I like the ancillary things that have absolutely zero to do with the dolls. Shoot, back in ’10, when the line first came out, I was looking for lunchboxes and notebooks in the back-to-school sales – something that didn’t happen in the States ‘til this year. I was looking for Valentine’s Day cards and fabric and all the silly things that other popular brands, like Barbie and MLP get. Nothing out there, not even at Halloween, not even a Happy Meal line. Most of that’s changed (still no fleece or flannel with Frankie on it, though), as of this year, but I find I don’t want most of it anymore. I did get the lenticular ruler, because I’m always using those in my pattern re-drafts, but I never started an MH-centered pencil collection the way I still have a Disney Princess one. Good thing about pencils, even if your interests change, you can still use a pencil no matter how it’s decorated.

I guess my question is this : Now that it’s out there, often easy to find, and fairly cheap (it’s no more expensive to get MH than Barbie, although it’s sometimes harder to locate), are you less interested in the not-doll-related stuff, or more ? Would you go to McD’s for a month if there was a Happy Meal ? Or are you immune to it all, and really only have an interest in two or three dolls a year ? Or are you still staunchly a Barbie Girl or Boy ? I’m really curious about how other fans – and not-fans – see it all.

As for the purse…well…I’m looking through my fabric stash for something I can use to re-make my youth. Back in the day – and I’m talkin’ mid-80s day ! – I had a soft plastic roll-bag purse. Pink, with a Candie’s logo on it, not that I cared about the brand. It was simply perfect. Well, after I added the shoulder strap from another purse, it was. Right size, right closure, easy to use, it really fit me well. Of course, I wore it completely out. Never found another. So I’ll probably sew m’self one. Thanks to Obsessively Stitching, I figured out how to scale her doll-size roll bag to whatever size I want (directions here), and it’s nothing to make it less long.

Like most things in my life, I just gotta get offa my backside and make it happen !


  1. IDK, I'm not really into any of the not-doll stuff that I've seen. I wouldn't mind some fun stickers, but I don't really have a need or a place for rulers, non-mechanical pencils, lunchboxes or bookbags.

    I would, however, love a happy meal line. XD So, I guess the totally impractical "just fun" stuff is what I look for.

    Btw! Got my doll/toys blog going today!

  2. Hi, I've been following your blog since it was on the other site (I found it looking for a Barbie pattern). I can't tell you what a treat it is to read up on someone who is into dolls yet not breaking the bank over her hobby. I got back into dolls around 2009 to get my mind off some things and though that interest took on a life of its own, I've decided to keep it sane and fun,like you. So thank-you for sharing your thoughts, etc. on this blog.
    To answer your question, although I did buy a Cleo (Dead Tired)because you made me notice that she's really beautiful, I'm now far more interested in MH shoes than anything else including the dolls. The concept of monster dolls is great but I can't get used to it (for ex. Clawdeen not having human ears disappointed me) however the footwear from that line is simply incredible and I think it'll encourage me to sew for my doll(I was looking for patterns back then because I was starting to learn to do that,but without inspiration it's hard to keep it up). Aside from a piece of furniture like perhaps Cleo's vanity to create a bit of a dollhouse/diorama I can't see myself buying other items (pencils,etc) simply because other than books and dolls I've never been much of a collector. I do have some odd pens I've found over the years but that mostly because, as you pointed out, even if your interest in their appearance wanes, they can still write.
    I also think the fact that I'm more into Blythe and her clones and that with those dolls collecting, and that dolly community itself, is mostly about clothes and style, has a lot to do with my lack of interest in other products(I see the irony of razzing MHs strangeness while I own a Big Headed doll;) but bear with me, I've had a Kenner Blythe since I was a wee thing so she looks normal to me). Yet,even with that type of doll, I haven't been interested in getting many releases or custom dolls the way others do.