Friday, August 24, 2012

Sorry, ya'll...

Or maybe it was just a simple, temporary burnout. I dunno...
...I didn't mean to drop out like that ! I actually have half an entry for Sunday, and part of one Monday written, I just... couldn't get it together for squat all week. I mean, I busted butt cleaning this place, it got neglected for three weeks, and my own lethargy was starting to disgust me, but the need to write I normally have was just gone. It may have been a minor depression, I think I must've been, since I actually watched Oh, Sit !.  Twice.

That need started to sneak back today, but when you've been home for a month and about all you've done is sit around for three weeks and clean house for one, there isn't much new to say. The Institute called, I'm perfectly fine. "The Girls" are about as normal as they can be, so I couldn't help but feel that all the sound and fury was for nothing, and I'm the idiot for wasting your time, telling you the tale. Darn you, Shakespeare ! A cyst I had shortly after Dearest Son was born (that was drained within a month of me finding it) ruptured, and that is what was confounding the squeezing machine and the techs. They wanna drag me backwards through Hades again in six months, to check on whatever they did to me. Arrrgh. At least the non-surgical incision has mostly healed. And the VA gave us mileage money, which was nice. We're sooo broke, my guys are actually eating what I cook ! My menu does tend to improve when there's no 'ah, heck, let's eat out' option. This week, I'm gonna attempt my own little fish fry, use up some of what's in the freezer. Wheee ! 

Anyway, as mentioned, I busted butt all week and cleaned house, and it looks great. Even scrubbed the bathroom facilities and swept. If you'd have seen it Monday, before I got going, you'd have called Hoarders on me, not for hoarding, but for laziness ! It's nice to know I can push this place from 'pit' to 'palace' in less than a week. Dearest did a great job on his room, and Beloved Hubby, in between classes (that started up Monday), even pitched in and cleaned up his desks and AirSoft arenas. He said he needed someplace to put those stupid-expensive textbooks. I was wondering where all his socks had disappeared to ! 

That means I get to sew all weekend ! I even ran my few errands today - I've never been so glad to turn in library books in my life, Starlight's been on gas fumes for the last couple weeks ! - so I'd have as much time as possible. I'm gonna make my first run at my Halloween project. Which ranks, because I won't be able to share much with you as I go, it's gonna be a surprise. One that needs quite a bit of lead time. But if I can make it work, it'll be soo awesome. And if it doesn't work this week, heck, I still need a new purse. 

Part of the housecleaning eliminated the last clutter-stand, so now we can actually *use* the dining area again, and if that's what came out of it all, I'm happy. That was the last spot I haven't been able to vacuum since we moved here, so it was with some pride and a bit of joy that I did so yesterday. I tend to hesitate when it comes to storing Beloved and Dearest's things, but they were piled up and in the way, and they weren't doing anything about it, so I had to. But they're both fine with it, and happy for the newly emptied space, so it's all good. 

Well, now. I feel more like myself again. Thanks for hangin' in with me ! 


  1. So glad to hear you are feeling better! Glad to hear your test results came back good as well! I had a bit of surgery myself last week. (Silly gallbladder decide to make some rocks and get infected!)

    Have fun sewing this weekend, can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. I'm happy to hear you'll be fine. It's good that they took it seriously even if it turned out to be nothing. It's great to see good medical care.