Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back-To-School Robecca !

Current Mood : Lucky ! 

Did ya’ll see this yet ? It’s a $290. paper bag. Jil Sander’s ‘Vasari’ bag. True, it’s coated paper, and it has stitched seams and metal grommets at the bottom and the name of the designer on it, but otherwise, it’s a brown paper lunch-sack. Like the ones they sell at Dollar Tree, 40 to a pack. Yet these have already sold out. (sigh) Story’s here.

At least I got something good out of that tale of excess. Looked up the difference in ‘eyelet’ and ‘grommet’, since the three versions of this story I’ve seen use the terms interchangeably. I would hope this expensive bag uses grommets, since they’re designed for more durable, heavier materials, but it probably utilizes eyelets, since those are vastly more common on fashion pieces, being strictly light-duty.

Meanwhile, in my little world, I’m happy because my leftover-based chicken stew was delicious and Beloved Hubby was home early – and we got to get the Diesel-truck’s license plate renewed before the deadline ! It was actually cheaper than we were quoted, so we had a few bucks left over. So we celebrated by hitting the Salvation Army next door. On Half-Off Everything day ! Except furniture, which was 25% off.

Dearest Son found two pair of pants he liked, Beloved Hubby found two great pair of slacks as well, along with a so-so belt, and some cute small bowls. I found a stack of four door-mounted ironing boards – the kind I’d been looking over at various websites for $20. to $30. I got a great one that looks barely used, for $3. ! In fact, our purchases totaled less than $20. I finally have a place to iron fabric when I’m sewing. Not sure where Beloved’s gonna put it, it can hang just as well on a wall as a door. But it’s what I’ve been wanting, and I can’t wait to use it.

Of course, as we pull into our home parking lot, I spy something familiar leaning alongside the Dumpster. Yup. A full-size regular ironing board. Ah, well. It’s dented and doesn’t have a cover, so I still think I did good. Now all I have to do is get Beloved to hang it. Won't take long. He'll want to wear those new pants sooner or later ! 

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