Sunday, August 26, 2012

Today, I learn to hate the word ‘Hold’…

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Ok. So. After watching the 1946 version of The Razor’s Edge last night, and not finding our copy of the book anywhere, I put a ‘hold’ on the novel at the library last night. It’s awesome. Ya go online, find the book you want at the library branch you want, and ask them to hold it for you – and within a day or so, it’s waiting for you in a special section of shelves by the circulation desk. I verified twice that I wanted OurTown’s copy (shown as on the shelf available) for OurTown’s library pick-up. Awesome.

Um, well…not quite. We ended up there today, and I wasn’t surprised to see it wasn’t on the Hold shelves. After all, it was kinda late when I placed the order. Wasn’t on the regular circulation shelves, either. Oh, well. Somebody beat us to it, no big deal. I’m sure I wasn’t the only person on the planet who watched that movie Saturday ! We queue up to check out our other selections. I made a query about the hold, and the librarian replied that it may take several days for it to make it to OurTown from another library. I said I’d verified that this very OurTown library had it available before I placed the hold, but it wasn’t even on the shelves there, so I’d just check again later. She tells me again that it’ll be several days before it arrives, so I give up. Of course, when we get home, what’s waiting for me ? An e-mail, telling me to come get my Hold copy of The Razor’s Edge. (sigh) (rimshot)

Speaking of surprises, Beloved Hubby handed me a $20., telling me I could deposit it Monday, and use it to order a Ship to Store Ghoulia’s Scooter from Mal-Wart’s website ! Gleee ! According to the site, I’d have it Friday, which would be so sweet. I could hardly wait.

Well, ya’ll know me. I really couldn’t wait. NextTown’s Target showed ‘limited stock’, but it was a bit of a drive. It’d be easier if I just ordered it from Mal-Wart. Too bad it says ‘Site To Store arrives by 8/31’ on the ‘place order’ page, but ‘arrives 9/5’ on the’ confirm order’ one. I could wait a week, but two was a bit much. Called TRU, just to verify they didn’t have it…and, of course, they did. One.

“Can you hold it for me ‘til tomorrow morning ?”

“No, we can’t do overnight holds.”

“Ok, um…can you hold it ‘til I get there in an hour or so ?”

No. We can’t hold anything for customers on the phone.”

Now I felt like an idiot. If he’d just said, ‘We don’t do any holds anymore, Lady. Sorry’, I would have been fine with it. But now I felt like I’d asked too much, but ended up getting kinda ticked. Do they accept holds via carrier pigeon ? What about telegraph ? Flaming arrows ? They do have a ‘pay online, pick up in store’ program, but it only works for about one out of every 500 toys. So you can’t do holds via online either. Do they only hold things for you while you’re in the store ? That makes so very little sense to me…

But, although I’m lazy, stupid, and cheap, I’m also completely self-centered, and still wanted the darn thing. And there was still enough time between that conversation and my sleep clinic appointment to make it happen. Which I did. As shown, I now have this darn scooter, and now want absolutely nothing related to any of my hobbies. There !

It’s not as fulfilling as I thought it’d be. Anyway. Still gotta pack and finish getting ready for my darn appointment. Yawning just thinkin’ about it. Wish me luck !

And I hope you soon find that you have everything you wanted, too ! (that’s one of my best wishes !)

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  1. Argh, I totally understand your annoyance with the word Hold! BUT Ghoulia's scooter is super cute and can't wait to see a few pics of her zipping around town! (Or just around the breezeway! LOL) AND she totally rocks that outfit!!!