Saturday, August 25, 2012

Stickers ! I'm like a twelve year old around stickers, I swear...

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I was reading a bit earlier this week - according to an LA Times  article, US residents waste 40% of their food. Article’s here.  Original report is over here. Hard to believe, especially when I toss out next to nothing ! Our budget for chow’s gotta go far, and I’m great at reusing leftovers for lunch. I think the last food we tossed was some takeout rice that wasn’t good when it was fresh and a couple hot dogs that got shoved to the back of the fridge and forgotten. They were not supposed to be that shade of brown. Since we even eat going-stale bread heels – toasted with parmesan cheese, they’re great on spaghetti night ! – I wonder who’s tossing out all the chow we’re not.

The article says the average family-of-four tosses out over $2k in food each year. I’m not sure how, since $190. is actually a little more than what we spend each month ! On just groceries and stuff like laundry detergent and light bulbs, I mean. If we cut out soda – I’m actively trying to scale down on that – our grocery bill would drop further. And it doesn’t include our semi-weekly eating out splurges, which for is us more about ‘entertainment’ over  ‘food’. …but even then, wow. So much waste when so many are hungry just seems obscene.

Enjoyed my not-cleaning time by sleeping and reading a lot. Unfortunately, I also hopped up on the scale…and drank water for the rest of the day. Yikes. I gotta start hitting the Wii Fit again, and put down the sodas and snacks. I’ve really packed it on ! I think most of our ‘wasted’ food goes down my gullet, instead of the trash. Gosh, so much of it in the last month has been cheap junk food fer sure.

Played with Robecca for a while – it always amazes me, when I’ve finally found and purchased the doll I’ve been looking for, that everyone else hasn’t found him or her, too. I’m so used to being in my little doll desert that I forget there’s places even emptier-shelved than ours. One thing I can say, Ghoulia’s roller-maze dress doesn’t do much for her. The black, white, and green go OK, but the bright pink sleeves look garish next to her lovely hair, and the skirt really rides up if she sits.

And, yeah, I took Dearest Son to Dollar Tree today after a big leftover lunch instead of sewing. (sigh) I’m so lazy. But now that I’m cooking a lot more, I need some things we’d managed to work around, and a recent grocery store reconnaissance run showed that DTree had most of it cheaper. I found MH stickers in a cardboard display rack in the ‘Back to School’ section, on a pin under  the Barbie set and beside the Cars and Avengers ones. They didn’t have much tea from which to choose, but I got most of my other little needs.

A sign in the window advertised rib eye steaks, which I had to see. Which I did, they had plenty – very thin, odd looking vacuum-packed little frozen bags of meat. If I’d have known how to cook ‘em, I might have bought one, just to say I’d bought a steak for a dollar ! The small resin tombstones were nearly sold out already, so I was glad I’d already bought my ‘Stay Scary’ one. Things are normally pretty tight in there, but it was still a jolt to see the first aisle packed with ‘back to school’, the next one ‘Fall/Halloween’ and the third dedicated to ‘Christmas’.

Got to see the 1946 version of The Razor’s Edge, a black-and-white version of the Maugham book that remains one of Beloved Hubby’s favorites. My next doll, if she doesn’t come with a name I reject out of hand, will probably be named Sophie. We had a hardback copy of the novel, but can’t find it, so my next library trip will hopefully snag me one.

Oh, and tomorrow’s my 'sleep clinic, round 2' visit. Gotta leave at 8:30pm, probably to get all wired up and not sleep again. You’ll know if it doesn’t go well, because you’ll be able to hear me from space if they try to slap another CPAP on me. I don’t think the wildly misnomered ‘nasal pillows’ will work, because the ten-minute test I had with them a couple weeks ago didn’t attempt to have me actually sleep in the thing. I’m a side (almost belly) sleeper, and those tubes go around both sides, so… I said I’d try, and I will. Just hope it goes better than last time, but I can tell ya honestly that I’m not looking forward to it. (sigh) So I’ll be either way early with tomorrow’s entry, or it won’t get published ‘til Monday.

In the meanwhile, I hope your weekend’s going great ! I got new stickers to play with, so I’m happy !

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