Thursday, August 30, 2012

Now the fish in my virtual aquarium are starting to look scared...

Current Mood : Fishy.

I can fry fish ! It’s really not that hard. I guess I should have known that when I saw a Moose do it. I used the egg and cornmeal left from the fish, stirred it with milk, flour, and a bit of baking soda, and made great hush-puppies, while the oil was still hot. Dearest Son wanted to try them, unusual for Mr. ‘Doesn’t Like Unfamiliar Food’, but he ate it up and asked for more. Which he got, a little mix makes a lot of ‘puppies. Needs a bit more salt, but not much, and the fish was tasty, too. Our finances have recovered – slightly – so if we don’t go out for our once-a-week dinner treat on Friday, I’m havin’ a fish fry !

Beloved Hubby hung the ironing board for me today, where it’s easy to get to and use. Now if I can just get off my round rear and get some sewing started, I can use it.

Not today, though. Dearest Son had his own appointment, and that took up most of the morning, before Beloved’s classes. It’s family therapy, more or less, to help all of us deal with his challenges – and ours. Today was mostly a ‘meet your therapist’ session, and I’m pleased to say we all liked her. We made the initial intake appointment when we were still living with F & MIL, and it was kind of startling to realize and verbalize how far we’d come in just a few months.

I’m still sort of foxed from the sleep clinic debacle, and once home, Dearest and I both crashed. I felt so bad that Beloved still had classes to attend, but he’d slept pretty well that night. During the drive to the appointment, Dearest found a monitor cord that needs to be returned to the store, so we’re gonna do that tomorrow, and split the proceeds. Too bad there’s no flea market until mid-September !

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