Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Whoo-hoo ! I got to SEW !

Current Mood : Joy at finding joy in sewing again...

Finally got to sew ! But it didn't go well. It's been so long since I used Doll Shop Deluxe, I forgot that sewing up their pants designs require a few tweaks to work. So the pants I was so careful to take my time on ended up not fitting. ARrgh. But since they almost fit, I got to see that the color wasn't really that good anyway. It wasn't a huge tragedy to toss 'em.

After that, I played with the shape for a bit and printed out a new version. Better, but the butt is super-tight. Ah, well. I got plenty of fabric to practice with ! Can't find the last version I did that made good pants - it either got trashed in the move or it's in a box somewhere. If I figured it out once, I'm sure I'll do so again - or craft my own pattern  because I'm tired of fussing with DSD again.

Cupid's also wearing the shirt from Abbey's 'Snowboarding Club' fashion pack. I was gonna pass on that one, since there really wasn't much I wanted in it - not the shoes or shorts, but it was nice to see Mattel make a simple white blouse. Even Barbie rarely gets a plain, undecorated shirt, with or without a blue fur vest. But I found it so cheaply, I decided to go ahead, and I've had fun playing with it. I may even find some use for the boots. There's little pegs on the semi-transparent snowboard that fit in the boots, so it can double as a stand - with devil horns on the tail ! And the little trading card included is just a hoot. I'll scan both sides of it for you Friday.

Speaking of Cupid, when ParaReality sent her, she included the most adorable sketch again ! I immediately ran out and bought a frame for it, but it took me a while to get it safely behind glass. Today was the day ! I also cut a cool mat for it, using a fabric that one of the ghouls has a dress from, and it looks great. With Para's kind permission, that gets posted tomorrow. It's so cute !

Got yet another 'big sales now' message from yet another embroidery design place. I just don't buy those things anymore. But it reminded me that they did a fundraiser pack sale last year, and I bought one of them, but it was in the middle of my sickness, so I never sorted through it. I didn't even remember downloading it, and it was only through PayPal's records that I could prove to m'self that I even bought it. Events are still kinda hazy in my mind during that time period. Eventually, I found it and got it placed. It'd been kinda bugging me. Especially since the 'big sale now' message contained the one design I wanted that was also supposedly in the fundraiser one. It was. Glad I don't have to buy it again, I'm broke !

But I'm having more fun creating than buying again, and that's a relief, too !


  1. Aww, she looks cute!!!

    And I would love to see that picture! I hope she gives you permission!!!!

  2. Hello from Spain: I like clothes. The fitted white jersey fits very well. Keep in touch.

  3. Post away , Dorrie! Cupid is lovely in that top.