Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I guess it was Justice at work...

Current Mood : Joyful !

I had today all planned out. While Beloved Hubby attended class and Dearest Son still slept, I was gonna strip the bed, fix a torn sheet, and bundle both sheets, the quilt, a pillow, and some other laundry off to the Laundromat. That was planned out for me, after Oliver yarked on the quilt and one of my pillows this morning. Poor sick kitty seems fine now - you should have seen him run !

But Beloved needed Starlight today, and I'm just not confident about driving Diesel Venus, his large truck. So I amended it to going out when he got back and traded Starlight for Venus, after lunch. Instead, his plans changed, and we ended up in FormerTown, bidding a job, then Big City for another. I rode along for fun - and a promise to visit Hobby Lobby.

I also got to go to ToysRUs and Mal-Wart, both in FormerTown ! Nothin', though. Not even the new fashions. I only want one, Toralei's, and that's mostly because I wanna see how awesome those vintage 3D glasses look on Ghoulia. Saw more Sweet 1600 (no Clawd) and Skull Shores (no DracuLaura or Gil) at TRU, and the car, but they really didn't have much. SS Ghoulia was tempting, but at $19., not all that tempting.

Mal-Wart was even worse. Three Cleo vanities, two cars, and a couple Sweet 1600 Clawdeens, with some Electro-Pets and two dress-up sets. That one was even sold out of the Valentine's mailbox set, but they did have two boxes of the lenticular ones on post-season markdown. The candy, at 2pm, was long gone.

So I sighed, figuring that today was not the day Operetta was gonna spring out at me. We visited Hobby Lobby, and I didn't see anything I really wanted, but Beloved finally found the art portfolio he was destined to enjoy. We walked past the Justice store where I'd been lucky enough to find Abbey, and Beloved asked if I'd like to check. Well...Justice normally doesn't carry dolls past Christmas, but five minutes wouldn't hurt...

Three minutes later, I had two Operettas in my hot little hands, trying to figure out which was more beautiful. Well, I kind of already knew, but wanted to get his opinion. Her shirt was neatly tucked in, her 'note' mask fit flush against her face, and she was just that lovely. I also found the hard-to-locate Nefera, and at least three Skull Shores DracuLauras, all of which I left behind. No Gils, I noticed. The cashier said she was surprised when they got that last box in, since she also figured the dolls were just a holiday special, but she was glad I was so happy ! may be the greed talking - and the small Want for a 'real' Ghoulia swimsuit - yet, I can't help thinking that, since they're all 40% off, I may go back for that SShores Ghoulia...

Maybe later. For now, I got Operetta ! And I deboxed her today, a rare event. Especially when you remember I just got Cupid ! My already sagging shelf is gonna collapse if this keeps up !


  1. Congrats, congrats!!!! She's quite lovely!!!
    (and omg, I spend too much time feeding your fish)

    1. Oh, good. I worry about those fish when I'm gone for a couple days ! Thanks for taking good care of them - that's why they're there !

      (if they were real fish, I'd be getting calls from Red Lobster or the Gordon's Fisherman, 'cause they'd be big and plump as housecats !)

  2. Congrats on getting Operetta! She is just adorable and will eventually find her way here!

  3. Yay! Congratulations on getting 'Retta! Are you going to make her a poodle skirt outfit?