Thursday, February 23, 2012

At least this time,I used my insomnia, instead of letting my insomnia lead me through merry heck...

Current Mood : Sleepy as anything...(yawn)

Last night was sure fun. I think FIL was looking for sympathy (which I didn't have to give to him) when he suddenly started telling me how bad his insomnia has been while I was typing yesterday's entry. He ate dinner at 5pm and was sound asleep and snoring at 9. Meanwhile, as if challenged, my insomnia came roaring back, and despite yesterday's busy day, at midnight I was still awake. Well, skittles.

I went through my mental attic. Anything there bugging me ? Nothing unusual. The surprise bill is well on its way to being taken care of, and not being our problem anymore, and Dearest Son's classwork went really well. Aside from the business with FIL (which is bog standard around here, really, it was just more of the same, hence very frustrating), things were going as well as could be expected. I was pretty satisfied with me, having created something I liked earlier this week, and keeping up with home and school needs fairly well. I'd had only one glass of caffeine, and that'd been hours prior, washed down with ice water for the rest of the day. So why was I unable to sleep ?

I looked around the room. Anything there bugging me ? Well, I'd just cleaned and taken care of the laundry pile that day, and most of my view is the Monster High dolls, nothing really there either. Well...actually....Remember that 'Dead Tired' handless DracuLaura I got from that GoodWill a couple months ago ? I really hated her sticking-straight-up hair, and took it down the day I got her. And never liked it since. It seems like no two strands of it are the same length. Despite two rubber-band boil perms and several gentle-soap shampoos, it still refused to lie down, too. Well.

So I fished out a couple small clear elastics and played with her hair for a while. Put it into low ponytails, since that's the style she's rooted for, and it was cute, but she still had one half of her hair in her face, hanging untucked, being too short to reach the bands. The other half was, of course, just long enough. (sigh) I got a small snap clip barrette to tuck it to the side, but it still didn't look right. And I was tired of messing with it.

I banded it again, this time, making sure it was held down and not 'poofing' above the elastic. You know how doll hair is, it often slides up when you're trying to attach a rubber band or clear elastic to it. It looked like that's what'd happened during the last boil perm, honestly. It wasn't gonna happen again. I got a pot of water going, and spent about 15 minutes redoing the elastic, due to poof. I finally got it secured with a second band, and we were ready. Bonus - it'd be done and dry by the time I woke up.

From there, I did some minor storage, and wondered just how many MH doll shoes do I have ? Paired 'em up and counted 'em - 53 pair, just for the girls. Five for the guys. How odd. I'd counted 52 pair last year, and I know I've bought more shoes since then ! I looked up - duh ! I forgot to count the ones already on dolls ! Which gave us ten pair of 'guy' shoes, 76 pair for the ghouls, all together. That sounds about right. Sad, but right ! (lol)

At 4am, I was finally tired enough to sleep. And I was heartily confused and a bit sick when Beloved Hubby's alarm went off at 5am. I remember sitting up, wondering where all those sounds were coming from, nearly panicking about it, while he turned it off from his new laptop. Oh. That's all I remember until two hours later. I was not feeling well. Coughing, gunk in my airways, headachy, generally miserable. Ugh. Beloved wasn't much better. I wondered if that little girl coughing in the quilting shop yesterday passed along some new bug. Arrrgh.

Passed out again, and woke up at 9am, feeling much better. I didn't have a lot of energy, so I knew the library trip was postponed 'til tomorrow, but this way I could easily get the piled-up dishes done without rushing. Still felt a bit shaky, but it passed after some breakfast.

DracuLaura's 'new' hair may not look like much of an improvement, but to me, it's now a sleek fall, instead of a poofy ball. So I'm happy. No chance of her giving me insomnia tonight ! Got all the dishes done, and crashed again. Sure hope I'm done with this already, I don't wanna be so off-center tomorrow, too.

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