Saturday, February 25, 2012

Forbidden Lego Fruit !

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Well. The last few days have certainly been interesting. Things are a bit tense with FIL, we may be leaving soon. Too much going on, too much pressure, too much...well, I don't wanna get into it.

So I kept busy today. Dearest Son left one of Lego Captain Barbossa's apples on our bed last night - it doubles as a pirate ocean some days - so I let recently re-boil permed DracuLaura borrow it for today's photo shoot. I loved how vivid the green looked against her and the dress. And I'm getting much better with the 'depth of field' option in PaintShopPro !

I'd intended to sew with some of the new fabric - you'll see swatches of it tomorrow - probably the brown with dots piece, but the aforementioned unpleasantness took quite a bit of the day to process. It may not surprise you to learn that I keep a separate, private journal, and have since 1983, when it was the back of a rarely used Bookkeeping notebook. I typed over three thousand words in it today. I was pretty upset. At least having a journal option allows me to record it, put it outside m'self, and let it go. May not work for everyone, but it does for me.

But I wasn't gonna waste the rest of the day on it. I looked up some guidelines for removing the heads of Monster High dolls on the LiveJournal group, as I completely broke that damaged DracuLaura's neck when I got an idea for paint practice (that I never acted on). Turns out it's more patience than skill, although some of both are required. The bottom line is that you only gently pull - never twist ! I fully admit, that's what did in DLaura. MH necks are much thinner and more fragile than Barbie's, so those 'safety' stems inside the heads are very easy to twist and destroy. Hot water helps by easing the head open easier, and it's mostly pull and tug, gently, and use a slim tool (I used the embroidery scissors) to ease the vinyl neck-hole over the barbs on the stems. It took me about a half hour and a few gallons of hot tap water to do it, but it got done.

Yup. My Classroom Ghoulia now has two functional arms ! Her neck is more loose than most other MH dolls, but when she tilts her head to one side, it's so adorable, I actually squeee out loud. Ru_debega, I salute and thank you !

Unfortunately, the hot water completely demolished Skull Shores Ghoulia's 'waterfall' hair. If you really look at it, especially from the back, tilted a bit, her hair really does resemble a waterfall. The curly bangs are like the source, the hair tumbles down her back, ending in a sort of frizzy-fuzzy spray-like manner, like a waterfall hitting rocks or a river bottom. I didn't much like her hair, but I kinda hate that it wrecked so easily.

Of course, when I removed her glasses, her face didn't seem quite so angry. The glasses fit right on top of her 'eyes', which sort of push against her face. Without them, she's not quite so mean, but that swipe of yellow eye-shadow is still garish with her undead skin tone.

Dearest Son asked if I was gonna install SSG's head on Classroom's former body, but I'm not sure yet. Any head I put on it is gonna hafta stay there. I agree completely with Ru_debega's assessment that the neck won't support a second round of tug-and-pull. So, for now, I'm happy with what I did, and can table the rest for later.

I'm still hoping to sew tomorrow, though...

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