Monday, February 20, 2012

I feel like I had a 'long strange trip' m'self, actually...

Current Mood : Recovering

Sorry, everyone. I didn't mean to leave ya hangin', but we had a lot to deal with over the past week, and basically, I just shut down. I got the necessities done but not much else. I guess it was a long time coming, and I shouldn't be surprised, but suddenly everything hit me (and rocked me !) like a hurricane, and it's taken me this long to right m'self and move on. (sigh) It's not even really crazy wild stuff, it's just mundane unexpected bills, desperation, frustration, fear, and some other worries all mixed together in a soupcon of anxiety, and it got overwhelming for a bit. I got so wound up that I forgot to take medicine several times, which even I have to admit is pretty bad. Still, I think I (and we) needed it to happen when it did, then needed to get over it and past it, and here we are. Shaggy, smelly, and scraggly, but still standing.

In the may have heard I got a new doll. There she is ! In this photo, the fishing wire used to secure her comb-mask has been removed, it's supported under its own power now. I'm surprised each time at how much I treasure the new dolls. Each time, I think I have enough and there's no more room for new characters and characteristics, boom ! I'm in love again. And being in love with this one makes me look at all my others anew. I wish Barbie had done this to me. It'd be a lot cheaper and easier to sustain !

Ah, well. I kinda knew my personal world-view had taken an uptick when I cut out the pieces for a slim black skirt for her. Wanted to see how it'd look with her issue blouse. I've already removed the white jacket - it's amazingly well made, but the tiny little 'Skullette' button popped off. That's OK. I found it and got it tucked away, along with her 'dice' ring, so I won't lose it. Again, the tiny button can be used as a doll's ring, it's that small. Love to buy a packet of them !

Seems like more folks are stepping in to fill holes in Mattel's marketing. I know of at least three sellers on eBay and Etsy custom-making Monster High shoes, and two of them are also getting into custom 'Create A Monster' bodies as well. As for me, when I came into some cash a few days ago, I immediately thought of going back to Justice for that Skull Shores Ghoulia, for her swimsuit and as a body replacement for my broken-armed one, but ultimately decided against it. We're looking at moving out of here as soon as possible, and while that was part of last week's kerfluffle, I still want to think I'm helping, not harming, that goal. Besides, I have a huge tote bag fulla doll clothes. Do I really need another doll just to harvest more from ? Even at 40% off ? Well....

In any case, here's to more sewing and less shopping ! I think my recent lack of creative output either was a factor in or a result of my emotional turmoil. Could be both. One way I know of to fix that ! I'm gonna go sew !

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  1. Oh! She's fantastic!! I would love to see clothes made for her! XD I've made nothing for Monster High dolls and have just been repainting them... it's a lot of fun, but I don't think I'd be too skilled at the sewing, LOL, who knows?!