Friday, February 24, 2012

Looks like Skull Shores Ghoulia knows what I have planned for her...well, her body, that is !

Current Mood : Gleefully happy

Another busy day - good thing I slept so well last night ! Even dreamt a little, which hardly ever happens. This morning, before he left for school, Beloved Hubby handed me some cash and told me to take Dearest Son out for some fun ! When asked, Dearest said he wanted to go to Mal-Wart and 'look around'. Uh-huh. I know full well that's code for 'see if there's anything I wanna buy' ! But that was fine with me, I wanted to go, too !

After lunch, we left. The local Mal-Wart still has darn near nothing in the Monster High space - a few more dress-up sets, four outfit sets (all of which I already own), one Sweet 1600 Clawdeen (that I studied heavily), and some wigs. No vanities, no cars, nothing else at all. Sad.

But Dearest found what he wanted, thanks to a nice day stocker - a copy of Pirates of the Caribbean : The Curse of the Black Pearl. He's been wanting to see it for months. We actually used to own a copy, but we ditched it for cash because it was gathering dust. (sigh) Ah, well. Our new copy comes with one regular DVD and two Blu-Ray discs. I'm really starting to resent the Blu-Ray push...

I still had some energy after prowling the Clearance aisles - nothin' there either - so we headed up to Target. I confess, there is something I'm looking for, the new Toralei outfit. And even though I've made a difficult decision concerning Toralei (she's gonna be searching for a new home soon), I kinda want her new outfit, for the cool 3-D glasses and black shirt. Like Operetta, I wanna find it m'self, locally. I'm sure it'll show up eventually - heck, of the four outfits Mal-Wart had, one was the one I whined 'I'm never gonna find it !' over and over - Ghoulia's 'Comic Club' set. All good things to those that can wait.

Target wasn't any improvement. They had more kid dress-up clothes, and some makeup and eraser sets, and two Skull Shores Ghoulia dolls, that was it. Well.... I'd been giving major thought to SS Ghoulia. While I really didn't like her - her face is downright mean, especially compared to her box art - I did like her swimsuit, and I could do a head-swap with my very-much-preferred broken-arm Classroom Ghoulia. Ever since I got Operetta at Justice, and saw SSG there, I'd been thinking about it. And since Target had her for Justice's sale price, and I wasn't gonna find Toralei's clothes this week, I picked the best of the two outfit-wise, and grabbed a snack for Beloved.

From there, it was Library time - and I staggered out with an armload ! Plenty to keep me reading this week or two. Dearest picked out two and a DVD (Chicken Run, which we only have on VHS), and we were both ready to go home. What a nice day !

Oh, and ya'll know I'm gonna cut those 'drips' right off Ghoulia's shoes, right ? I already have a pair of red sandals for the ghouls, and I could leave these alone, but I really hate that drip motif. And I don't want it to give me insomnia ! 


  1. Hey Dorrie! Sounds like you and Dearest had a good day! I too have passed on this Ghoulia, There's just something about her I don't like. And I think you might have hit the nail on the head by mentioning she looks mean!

    BTW I'm sending you an email...we still have deep secret negotiations to work out! ;-)

    1. You're right, we do ! Especially once I'd seen all those yummy-lookin' cakes and goodies you make. Darn. Now I'm all hungry remembering them. (sigh) Ah, well. Interested in a Toralei ? (grin)