Sunday, February 26, 2012

After a long fabric drought, all this !

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Today was a really great day ! I didn't get to sew, but I had so much fun ! Beloved Hubby noted how badly my Monster High shelf was sagging, and retrieved the drill. After some tapping, he redid the drywall screws and added two more, and it's perfect ! Dolls don't fall over if I don't put them 'just so' on stands anymore, and I can use it for photos ! It had sagged a good couple inches, as a box I couldn't slide all the way under it now fits with about a half-inch to spare. So much better !

We had a relaxing morning until it was time for Beloved to go to work. Surprisingly, he asked me to go with him, help him study for a test tomorrow, and keep him company. Dearest Son wanted to stay and watch Curse of the Black Pearl again, so we were off. It took longer to repair and touch up some spots than he thought, but we still got home before dark - and we did a bit of prowling !

The GoodWill there had clearly been given a collection of Cabbage Patch Kids recently, as I found six without really looking. No toys were of interest, but Beloved found a luscious charcoal shirt that fits him beautifully, and a tie that, from a bit of distance, looks like metal 'diamond' plate - you know, that industrial-looking pattern ? It is a real 'power' tie.

I found a lamp. A really awesome lamp. It looks vaguely Asian, and is basically four narrow, square shelves, with a light fixture and screen over the lightbulb on the highest one. Someone had drawn Japanese characters on each of the four sides of the screen, then gone over them inexpertly with a Sharpie. It was all black but for the screen, which was your usual unbleached muslin color. Only ten bucks ! I really liked it, but wasn't sure where we'd put it.

Beloved liked it, too, and we figured we could shuffle stuff a bit. So we got it. Finally - a place for my library books instead of a stack on the floor by the bed ! And I could always shift the books elsewhere if I needed it for a doll photo. Awesome possibilities for not much cash !

And I got to go to Hancock Fabrics, too. It was in the same strip. I'd wanted to paw through the fat quarters during the almost month-long 99c sale, but didn't think we'd be anywhere near one. We were ! And I didn't find a single one I wanted. I did, however, find an awesome tiny skulls and dots in swirls print that would look incredible on darn near any of the ghouls. I'll hafta get a photo of it to you tomorrow, since I haven't sewn anything yet.

Played a bit with my dolls while I was rearranging them on the repaired shelf. I somehow forgot that Skull Shores Ghoulia's white earring isn't a palm tree - it's a set of lungs and esophagus. Oddly, this icks me out a bit, while Cupid's vertebrae wings don't. So that's gonna find a new home somewhere. I was gonna let my 'new' Classroom-SS Ghoulia hybrid keep her original left arm, since only the right was broken, but as it turns out, Classroom has a shiny finish, while SS has more of a matte one. It was noticeable when I looked at her on the shelf. Still haven't put SS's head on the old body, but I probably will. Her hair looks better in a ponytail, and her eyes, free of the too-close green glasses, look a bit more half-lidded and more mature, somehow, than most Ghoulias. So it may turn out that she remains with me after all ! 

Edited to add : It's this exact lamp, with the lattice removed, and some scratches added - . We did really well for ten bucks !

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  1. Hello from Spain: how well you have new fabrics and fixed shelf. I look forward to seeing your new creations. keep in touch