Monday, February 27, 2012

New things often jar the heck out of old, familiar things...

Current Mood : Shell-shocked

Sorry to run late on this one - we kinda had a bomb drop on us, and it took time to deal. By the time it was dealt with to the point where we could sleep, we more or less passed out. I'm still kinda groggy and unsettled, but I can't let things I can't really control or even influence totally destroy my over-inflated sense of self. After all, what else would an over-inflated sense of self be for, if not that ? (grin)

With the repaired shelf and the new lamp, I had my work cut out for me today. Ended up shuffling around darn near the whole room to make everything fit, but it does now. Got the 'back behinds' all swept up, and even dusted, if you can count knocking a broom over everything. Tossed out a couple MH boxes we simply don't have the space for, but I kept the whole back panel of Cupid's box. What can I say, I love the graphic. Thin piece of cardboard, I can keep.

As usual, ya make space by eliminating what's in it now, and for me, that meant a small folding table, holding the air cleaner, the MH shoe box, and Chatty Cathy had to go. It wasn't long before I had the bed full of stuff that had to be replaced elsewhere, but some minor repositioning soon had Cathy sitting on a shelf where the dolls I'm sending Deborah were, and I took a second, third, and fourth look at the others that were in 'keeping but not using' status. Like Dawn of the Dance Frankie. She's still in the pink with white microdot kimono, with her dress belt serving as an obi, and I like that. So I made space for her, Classroom Lagoona (not to be confused with After School Lagoona, who's going to Deborah's haunt !), and Skull Shores-Classroom hybrid Ghoulia. Not to be confused with Classroom-Skull Shores hybrid Ghoulia. It helps if I refer to them by their now-heads.

And yeah, as predicted, I went ahead (ha-ha) and installed SS's head on Classroom's broken-arm body. I need that elastic cuff to be maybe a quarter of an inch bigger, so I hope to find something next time I'm anywhere that sells notions. With her hair pulled back, and less confrontational, hard-wearing glasses adhered to her face, SS can be quite pretty. But compared to a 'regular' Ghoulia, SS's eyes aren't nearly as wide and blue.

After class, Beloved Hubby was home to study, but we went out for a soda and rented Puss In Boots, the Antonio Banderas one just released. It was much better than expected. I willingly watched it twice, on Dearest Son's request, something that's pretty rare for RedBox rentals. Between family time and the bomb, I had to forego sewing today, too. But I am gonna sew tomorrow, if I have to do so at 2am !


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