Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Laundry day is also Explore Day !

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Didn't get to sew after all - today was a busy one ! Beloved Hubby got a call that my oxygen suppliers would be here to replenish whatever I used up during the previous month, so he told them what we needed. I never know what time they'll be here, or when they need to check the exchanger unit, so I always make sure our room is clean and the equipment is dusted. Needed a good sweeping - and a general de-cluttering - anyway. That took most of the morning.

Then, when my guy was home for lunch, I sorted and loaded our laundry into Starlight. Yup, it's laundry day already. Since their dryers really are good, and pretty cheap, we've begun using those, too. Hour and a half later, the baskets were full of clean, mostly folded and sorted clothes, ready to go. It made putting it away this afternoon much easier.

But I didn't go straight home. I promised to check out the downtown quilting shop a block over next time I did a solo laundry run, and today was the day ! It's actually two store-fronts combined, and they have loads of crafting and sewing supplies. If it weren't for the very high markup, I wouldn't need Hancock Fabrics !  But when basic cottons that are usually $4. to $6./yd at Mal-Wart or Hancock's (less with coupons) are $8./yd on markdown, I kinda cringe. The store had lots of prints I've never seen before, and for the most part, I was glad of that. I guess that 'country primitive' thing is either much bigger than I thought, or I just don't like it more than I thought. Most were lovely, but much too big for my uses.

I found several in the 'budget section' I liked, but the one yard minimum kept  them on the bolt. I lucked out with some starry fabric on the $1. Fat Quarter markdown bin, and paid $2.50 for a brown with multicolored dots one. Nice stuff, just more expensive than I'm used to. I'm sure they don't get the bulk-buy discounts the larger merchandisers do. There were all sorts of goodies and supplies for ceramic painting, tole painting, wool roving, rug hooking, knitting, crochet, and sewing of all kinds. And tons of tons on top of more tons of 'country primitive' cutesy signs suspended from repurposed doors hung with chicken wire. Whole place smelled like cinnamon. And roughly half the craft stuff had no prices whatsoever on 'em. I really hate that. It's not so bad when you can use a UPC scanner in-store, but... Still, with as much as they had on the shelves, I'm sure it's difficult to keep signs attached and such.

I was complimenting the older woman who rang up my purchases on how much I liked the shop, but she was rather short with me, and seemed to want me gone, so I reined it in and left. Nice store, but not much to recommend my return any time soon. 

Once home, the laundry got put away in record time, and I got Dearest Son's schoolwork and then his shower accomplished, all before Beloved came home. He had a rough day, and FIL wasn't much help - I'd get into it, but it'd take all night and I'm still angry. And it won't change anything. So I made dinner and we read aloud from one of Dearest's library books. Did you know there's an entire 'youth of Jack Sparrow' series of Pirates of the Caribbean  books for kids ?  They're not that bad, either. Really simplistic, but I've read worse.

Tomorrow, the library ! And maybe I'll get to sew yet ! Got some new fabrics I'm just dyin' to try out...

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  1. Sounds like quite the day!!

    ... and gah... you know, I find this a lot in quilt stores... nasty little old ladies who just want you to go away, or think you're stupid, running the place.

    Why is that???